Yuriko Sawaki
Other names Yuzuki Sakagami
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Occupation Actress
Family and Relatives Marie Sawaki (mother)

Yumi Sawaki (daughter)
Yuki Sawaki (granddaughter)

Seiyuu Yukiko Iwata (Alive Renewal)

Yuriko Sawaki (沢木 祐里子 Sawaki Yuriko) is a main character of Alive.


Yuriko had always been at odds with Yuuji ever since primary school, but eventually developed feelings for him. However, she noticed that her best friend, Yuzuki, had developed feelings for him as well, so she withdrew into herself.

After Alive

Yuriko becomes an actress, taking on a stage name honoring her deceased friend. She eventually has a daughter, Yumi.

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