not to be confused with Yuma of Imouto de Ikou!

Yuma Kisaragi
Gender Female
Height 163 cm
B.W.H 88-59-87 cm
Hair Violet
Eyes Blue
Affiliation Kisaragi Shrine
Occupation Shrine Priestess
Family and Relatives Yukie Kisaragi (mother)

Nayu Kisaragi (older sister)

Yuma Kisaragi (如月 由真 Kisaragi Yuma) is a main heroine of Fake.


Yuma grew up alongside her older sister Nayu and their mother at the Kisaragi Shrine. She and her sister were childhood friends of Yuugo Sakurai.

At some point, Yuma died, but was revived after Nayu came into possession of the Necronomicon.


Yuma is quite carefree and as a result, is quite ignorant about most household chores, save for laundry.

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