Youka Kira (吉良 洋佳 Kira Youka) appears in Cross Days. Passive and sagacious, she is a friend of Chie Ashikaga and a member of the girls' basketball team.

In the "Massive Love" ending, she and Ion gang-rape Yuuki.

Youka Kira
Youka Kira.jpg
Gender Female
Hair Black
Affiliation Sakakino High
Occupation High School Student

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Her given name Youka [洋佳] could mean "Ocean/Foreign Beauty"
  • Her surname may stem from Yoshinaka Kira, a master of ceremonies who was assassinated during the Akō Incident, popularized in drama as "The 47 Rōnin".
  • She is not named in the manga.
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