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Youji Shiba
Shiba Youji.jpg
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Forest Green
Affiliation Aoi School
Family and Relatives Tomaru Sawagoe (father)

Shinichi Shiba (older brother)
Jou Inou (paternal grandfather)
Ms. Sawagoe (paternal grandmother)
Moegi Inou (paternal half-aunt)
Asagi Inou (paternal half-aunt)
Kagura Inou (paternal half-sister)
Ayumu Inou (paternal half-brother)
Youko Saionji (paternal half-sister)
Moeka Sekihata (paternal half-sister)
Shun Hazama (paternal half-brother)
Toki Hazama (paternal half-sister)
Kuu Hazama (paternal half-brother)
Tomomasa Sawagoe (paternal half-brother)
Yukari Nagawa (paternal half-sister)
Wakaba Nijou (paternal half-sister)
Rideru Takatsukasa (paternal half-sister)
Touri Toda (paternal half-sister)
Kei Ogata (paternal half-brother)
Makoto Itou (paternal half-brother)
Itaru Itou (paternal half-sister)
Misao Mori (lover)

Seiyuu NARU

Youji Shiba (柴 瑤二 Shiba Youji) is the protagonist of Miss Each Other.


Youji is the younger brother of Shinichi Shiba. Although Tomaru Sawagoe was his biological father, Youji was apparently unaware of this, knowing Tomaru only as the doctor who examined him in his childhood.[1]

He is a childhood friend of Misao Mori, with whom he attends Aoi Gakuen.


Despite his unscrupulous façade, as well as their constant bickering, Youji cares deeply about Misao. This is emphasized by the fact that he shows no interest in anyone else, even after the events of MEO.


  • His given name Youji (瑤二) consists of "jade" () and "two" ().
  • His surname Shiba () means "brushwood".