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Valentine Days
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Title Valentine Days
Romanji Barentain Deizu
Kanji バレンタインデイズ
Release Date January 17, 2008
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Valentine Days (バレンタインデイズ, Barentain Deizu) is the first special episode of School Days anime.

Plot Summary

Kotonoha and Kokoro Katsura have invited their friends to a hot spring. In the springs, Sekai is amazed about Kotonoha and Kokoro's parents letting them invite everyone, to which Kotonoha gratefully replies to her and everyone else that she can invite them anytime. Kokoro then tells them that they also have free passes to hot springs abroad, causing Hikari and Sekai to get a little jealous, the latter adding that it emphasizes the difference between herself and Kotonoha. Nanami then notices Otome staring in shock at Kotonoha's breast size. Upon realizing this, Kotonoha covers her breasts, only for Otome to playfully restrain her as Nanami stares at her breasts. As Kotonoha protests, Setsuna tells them that it's not the size, but the satisfaction, shocking all of the girls except Kokoro, who has no clue about what they're talking about. Meanwhile, Makoto and Taisuke are waiting in a room, where the latter tries to convince Makoto that they should peep at the girls while they take a bath to which Makoto declines before Sekai calls them both to join in. However, as the boys open the doors, they fall in to the girls' trap and are struck by baskets.

At the Radish Restaurant, Sekai, Hikari, Nanami, and Otome discuss their plans for Valentine's Day. Sekai claims that she'll give Makoto some giri chocolate, though Hikari teases Sekai that she'll really give him honmei chocolate. Sekai then asks Hikari about her plans, causing Otome to butt in and ask the latter about her confession to Taisuke, which Hikari tries to deflect until Setsuna interrupts them as the other customers are staring at Sekai. Meanwhile, Kotonoha arrives at her home and sees Kokoro preparing for Valentine's Day as well. Kokoro then asks Kotonoha if she's going to give Makoto chocolate. Meanwhile, Sekai notices her mother making chocolate for Valentine's day. Youko cheerfully offers to teach her to make chocolate as she knows that Sekai has someone she's interested in. On her end, Kotonoha makes chocolate with bizarre ingredients in an occult manner with Kokoro's assistance. However, due to a lack of cocoa beans, they continue making chocolate with only the ingredients they have.

Setsuna celebrates in a professional wrestling ring.

Valentine's Day arrives. Taisuke is seen looking at his horoscope while Makoto is put off by his friend's eccentric excitement.

Otome and Sekai square off.

After school, Taisuke and Makoto are seen gazing resignedly out the window until Otome arrives for Makoto and takes him to the courtyard so that they can some privacy. Otome gives Makoto a giri chocolate only for Sekai, with her own giri, to find him, sparking a wild tension between herself and Otome. The two girls fight over Makoto until he refuses to choose between giri, causing Otome and Sekai to be enraged by his indecisiveness. Makoto backs away in fear until he bumps into Kotonoha, who also wants to give him her "chocolate".

Kokoro also wants Makoto

Makoto decides to take Kotonoha's "homemade chocolate" until he senses a fearful vibe from Sekai and Otome as well as Kotonoha. Fearing for his life, Makoto runs away, with Otome, Sekai and Kotonoha in hot pursuit and later joined by Sekai's mother and Kokoro. Makoto is eventually cornered on the school rooftop, where the girls force-feed him their chocolates, incapacitating him. Weary, he tells them that he'll need time to make up his decision, which Sekai interprets as him making a decision on White Day, making all of them leave with anticipation. A demoralized Makoto returns to his empty classroom before Setsuna arrives and also gives him a piece of giri chocolate. When Makoto eats it, he feels better and thanks Setsuna, who then gives him a giant box of honmei chocolate. Makoto initially begins to tell her that he appreciates her feelings, only for her to inform him that the honmei was from someone else: Sawanaga. As if on cue, a bishified Taisuke appears, blinking flirtatiously at a mortified Makoto, who screams in horror.

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