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Hello to all of you out there! I'm D7101 and, as you can tell, a member of the School days fandom. Though I must admit while have been a fandom member for quite some time, it wasn't until last sunday (26.01.20) that I began to Play the VN for the first ever time myself, instead of just watching walkthroughs online. And I finished playing just today (28.01.20). Here are the episodes I played through via my route: Episode 1: Confession, Episode 2: The Distance between us, Episode 3: Conflicting desires, Episode 4: With great reluctance, Episode 5: The Price of betrayal and Episode 6: With Honesty.

New entry: 15th of May 2020

Hi. just wanted to tell you I have reached my first Goal in School Days, which was getting every ending. My next Goals are 1.Getting every missing H-Scene (1) and 2. Getting all Episodes I haven't reached yet.

New entry: 29th of May 2020

Hello guys. Today I got the final episode I hadn't reached yet, that beeing the poolside kiss. Now I'm gonna move to what I consider the ULTIMATE goal: reaching 100%! Though I don't think it's gonna be that hard as I have "only" 14% left.

My favorite Endings

  1. Two Lovers
  2. Bavarois
  3. After the Kiss (and its sister endings)
  4. Pushed too far (because I think it is the most atmospheric bad ending)
  5. With Honesty