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The Distance Between the Two
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Title The Distance Between the Two
Romanji Futari no Kyori
Kanji 二人の距離
Release Date July 10, 2007
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The Distance Between the Two (二人の距離, Futari no Kyori) is the second episode of School Days anime.

Plot Summary

Makoto is reading a love manual at the station while waiting for Kotonoha to arrive. To his surprise, she appears in front of him, who was too busy reading to notice at first.

On their first date, they visited a bookstore, game center, and restaurant. When the date ends, Makoto makes an attempt to kiss Kotonoha but scares her.

At School, another awkward conversation between Sekai and Makoto occurs. Sekai gives Makoto a movie ticket and advises him to let Kotonoha enjoy herself for a while before he tries to kiss her again.

Makoto got slapped

In the theater, Kotonoha compares the movie they watch to them and Sekai, as they continue to watch Makoto glances on Kotonoha while recalling Sekai's advice. He holds her hand and attempts to kiss her, but gets slapped.

Makoto apologizes and explains that he was trying to follow Sekai's advice.

He apologizes again the next day at school and promises not to touch her again. She tells him that she has a student rep meeting and he tells her that he will be waiting by the Train Station.

Kotonoha finally kisses Makoto

Kotonoha attempts to ride the bus to avoid Makoto, but she is encouraged by Sekai to see him. There, he promises once again not to do anything that she may not want and attempts to resume his relationship with her. But to his surprise, she abruptly holds his hand and kisses him while Sekai watches from the distance.

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