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Summer Radish Vacation 2 is the 2004 sequel to the 2003 game Summer Radish Vacation.

It is also in the same setting as two games by other companies:

The chronological order is as of yet unclear, this may be a sequel or midquel to those games. However, based on the fact that Rio Inou from Summer Radish Vacation appears to be around 20s in this games, this game might be set at least 14-15 years after Summer Radish Vacation with Large PonPon coming first. 


Rideru Takatsukasa gets into a fight with her childhood friend and secret crush, Kuu Hazama, causing him to leave to work in the next town over. Rideru follows him and ends up being hired at the same restaurant by its owner, Tomaru Sawagoe. She also meets her coworker Rin, Tomaru's daughter Rika, and Sayura, a frequent customer. However, Rideru has yet to make up with Kuu, who also has his eyes on these other girls.

And thus the question remains of Rideru making amends with Kuu.



  • Rideru Takatsukasa, the protagonist
  • Kuu Hazama
  • Rin
  • Rika Inou
  • Sayura Kusumoto
  • Risa Inou (photo only)
  • Wataru (photo only)



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