Summer Radish Vacation





Release Date

April 04, 2003
August 13, 2004 (1.1 version)
August 7, 2009 (Download version)

Summer Radish Vacation (Summerラディッシュ・バケーション!! subtitled " ? " originally, then "I devote my summer to you" in version 1.1) is the 2003 sequel to the 2001 game Snow Radish Vacation. The game follows what happened seventeen years after the ending of the Snow Radish and involved several children of the previous game characters. It was originally 0verflow April Fools' Day 2002 but was released the following year in an event. The game also has an updated version called Summer Radish Vacation 1.1 which released at Comiket 66.

It was followed by a 2004 sequel called Summer Radish Vacation 2.

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Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Plot[edit | edit source]

Characters[edit | edit source]

Shun Hazama

The protagonist of Summer Radish Vacation.

Kagura Inou

Mai Inou

Youko Inou

Wakaba Nijou

Rio Inou

Rina Inou

Tomaru Sawagoe

Natsuhi Ebata

New heroine included in 1.1 version.

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April Fools' Day version archived in finalion.

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