Snow Radish Vacation





Release Date

December 28, 2001
July 24, 2009 (Download version)

Snow Radish Vacation (Snowラディッシュバケーション!! subtitled "I wanna be your everything") is a game released in 2001. The game visibly establishes the root family of several characters for the later games.

It was followed by a sequel in 2003 called Summer Radish Vacation.


The story begins with Kagura Inou, a 3rd year student of Moteharashou walking home alone through the snowstorm as her bike broke down. Luckily, her cram school teacher Tomaru passed by in his car and offer to give her a ride home. Inside the car, Tomaru proceeds to do "fun thing" with her like to her friends and promises to let her be his bride. The next days however, Kagura's friend Hatsuka informed her Tomaru vanished without traces which caused the girl to become heavily depressed.

Nine months later, Kagura has an unexpected reunion with her crush who is one of her aunt, Asagi's friends that she brought along with her. She proceeds to remind him of his promise but Tomaru is reluctant as he now has eyes for Tomoe Sawagoe, the heiress of Sawagoe Family. Kagura decided that she will make him change his mind no matter what. 



Overview of map of Snow Radish

The player plays as Kagura Inou, the protagonist of the story. Gameplay mainly consists of choosing location within the Snow Radish for and event trigger, the locations are marked with faces that indicate which heroine is that location.

The main objective of the game is to find Tomaru's location in the Snow Radish but the position in which Tomaru is not marked by a face unlike the other characters but most of the events of the other characters are they telling which location he passed recently helping find him, each time that Kagura find Tomaru an event occurs involving the two, there are a total of 12 events of which it is necessary to see all to unlock the good endings.

Next to the face of each heroine there is a mark of a heart, heart size indicates the favorability of that heroine towards Tomaru. Each time an event of a heroine is seen her favorability towards Tomaru is reset to zero. If the heart is at max during the night is possible to see an event in which Tomaru have sex with that heroine but only if the heroine is in the correct location to see the scene, if not the correct location there will be an scene where Tomaru tries to seduce one heroine but Kagura disrupt him. It is necessary see the event of Moegi to unlock the good endings.

The gametime takes over three days and two nights that Kagura must find Tomaru and convince him of his promise. Interactive choices are few for the player. At the start of the game, the player can also choose a uniform for the Snow Radish, however, it'll only change Arisu Takatsukasa's outfit and the variations in her sex scene.


Kagura's Happy Ending (The Betrothal Party)Edit


Kagura meets with Hatsuka at the living room and the latter tells her to follow her which eventually lead her outside. Hatsuke then tells her to follow her once more inside to the Snow Radish and found out that the girls are throwing the Betrothal Party for Kagura and Tomaru. Susprisely, Kagura also found that Hatsuka has dressed with a flower tiara with veil. Tomoe tells Kagura that today she'll be the customer while Arisu comments on the awesome cake for this special event. Asagi then apoligize to Kagura while her mother tells to be happy.

Tomaru Leaving EndingEdit

This ending can be reached by heading to Tomaru's room at night when Tomoe was there and her ​​heart is at max which Kagura is roped and put inside the closet while Tomaru proceeds to have sex with Tomoe.

Tomaru Bashed EndingEdit


Kagura uses tricks to force Tomaru to marry her.


Kagura Inou

Moegi Inou

Mother of Kagura

Asagi Inou

Arisu Takatsukasa

Hatsuka Hazama

Tomoe Sawagoe



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