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0verflow & Klon
JAST USA(NA release)

Release Date

JPApril 27, 2012
NASeptember 25, 2015

Shiny Days is a spin-off from the "Days" series and remake of Summer Days. Like School Days HQ, it is remastered to have higher quality animations and extra content.

Background[edit | edit source]

As the game is a remake, it does feature new content, most notably the addition of a new heroine Inori Ashikaga, who ends up as Setsuna's roommate after an unfortunate accident happens to Setsuna.

The game was later translated into English. However, endings involving sex scenes featuring Kokoro Katsura were removed in the North America release due to the possibility of these scenes being considered child pornography. They can be restored with a patch released in December 24, 2015.[1]

Plot[edit | edit source]

Setsuna starts doing part-time during the summer break at the popular seaside cafe Radish even though she isn’t used to being a waitress. It is because Makoto, who she secretly has feelings for, lives nearby and she might happen to meet him. Instead, she has a disastrous first meeting with Inori, who ends up rooming with her.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The route is now separated in two main routes with the new one focuses on the relationship between Inori and the cast, as well as the war between the older group and the shrine during the Summer Festival. The relationship of Shun Hazama and his former lovers are now fleshed out more, as well as an addition of several bad endings.

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SHINY DAYS Opening 1

Shiny Days Opening——Shiny Shower


SHINY DAYS OP - Summer Days 4K


Shiny Days Episode 1 - "Invasion"


Summer Days (PC) Episode 1 - "Encounter"

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