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From the 14th of May to the 23rd of July 2021, german anime publisher Animoon officially released a german dubbed version of the Anime, as well as the Magical Heart Kokoro-Chan OVA.

Special announcement! School Days has been featured on Anime Baths Wikia and on Anime Baths Wikkii!

Sekai Project (SekaiProject.Com) is a group that has partnered up with 0verflow ( and JAST ( to actually bring the game to English fans.

Did You Know...?

  • that right before the day that the final episode of School Days was scheduled to be aired, a sixteen year old girl killed her father with an ax in Kyoto?
  • that the ED for the final episode is the OP for the original AVG version?
  • that Near the room of Makoto is a gas station with a logotype (Nobil) that looks like Mobil, including the red o. (J_S)?
  • that all main characters and some secondary ones share their respective surnames with those of previous Prime ministers of Japan and Imperial Court Members?
  • that the meme "Nice Boat" is highly associated with the anime?

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Itou Makoto
Makoto Itou is the protagonist of School Days, Summer/Shiny Days and Island Days.

Generally, Makoto is a gentle and kind-hearted person, and gets alone with females without much trouble, however he is very indecisive, unable or unwilling to choose among the women he comes cross. He is also weak-willed, easily to fall under other's control, even Kotonoha Katsura can manipulate him. Moreover, Makoto seems to process "natural dull", acts too slow when being confessed by girls. which renders him even more indecisive.

Main article: Makoto Itou


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