not to be confused with Rin of Summer Radish Vacation 2 or Rin Sekihata of PureMail

Rin Yuuki
Other names Rin Nanase
Gender Female
Height 157 cm
B.W.H 85-53-86 cm (Milkyway)

86-52-86 cm (Milkyway 2)

Hair Violet
Eyes Violet
Family and Relatives Ran Yuuki (younger sister)

Kenji Nanase (husband)
Kira Nanase (daughter)
Setsuka Yuuki (adopted niece)
Ryouka Yuuki (possible relative)

Seiyuu Yuuran Ryou

Rin Yuuki (結城 倫 Yuuki Rin) is a heroine of Milkyway, as well as a protagonist of Milkyway 1.8 and a side character of Milkyway 2 and Ichigo-da.


Rin was a childhood friend of Kenji and the older sister of Ran.


Rin has made money creating doujinshi. She also enjoys making cosplays and is quite adept at measuring the "3 sizes".


Rin could be considered "the power behind the throne" of Milkyway, deciding everything, including the management policy, at her convenience.

Milkyway 2

Rin is seen to have married Kenji, with whom she has a daughter, Kira.


  • Rin speaks with a Kansai dialect, which she later passed on to her daughter.
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