Remi Toujou
Other names Remi Takanashi
Gender Female
Height 148 cm
B.W.H 80-52-81 cm (Ichigo-da, Milkyway, and Milkyway 1.8)

82-52-82 cm (Milkyway 2)

Hair Blond
Eyes Amber
Affiliation Milkyway
Occupation Waitress
Family and Relatives Haruka Toujou (older sister)

Hiroaki Takanashi (husband)
Remon Takanashi (daughter)

Seiyuu Madoka Misono

Remi Toujou (東条 恋水 Toujou Remi) is a main character of Milkyway, as well as a protagonist of Ichigo-da and Milkyway 1.8 and a side character of Milkyway 2.


At the time of Milkyway, Remi was enrolled at St. Milanna, an all-girls' school. At some point, she married Hiroaki Takanashi and had a daughter, Remon.

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