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The 0verflow Pleasure Box was released in early 2001. It was a fan disc that provided supplemental materials for the 2 games the company had produced so far: Large PonPon (1999) and PureMail (2000).

Composed of: 

  • PureChatter: A mini game typing.
  • ☆QuizDE☆PonPon : Sequel to LargePonPon and a Quiz game.
  • PureMail Gaiden: Gaiden story of PureMail. 
  • PureMail After
  • Staff Room
  • A trailer of a future game

It was followed by Snow Radish Vacation in late 2001.


(include but are not limited to)


  • Shou Furuya ( 古谷 奨 ) a middle school student and the protagonist of PureMail Gaiden
  • Maaya Tomosaka ( 友坂 真彩 ) a middle school transfer student with blue hair and the main heroine of PureMail Gaiden


Returning male protagonists:

Returning females from PureMail:


PureMail After


Ooka Toda.png
  • Ouka Toda is a character shown in the trailer. She is listed in the 0verflow Character Adultery Chart as Touri's half-sister although the game has never been released.