Paris for Four
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"I never imagined the boy Setsuna liked was Makoto."



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Paris for Four is a harem ending and one of 25 possible fourth episodes in Shiny Days.

Plot Edit

The plot of Paris for Four is nearly identical to Together (specifically the version following 33322) up to the point of Makoto's arrival in Paris, except that he also sleeps with Mai prior to the Paris business trip.

Paris for Four

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Makoto arrives at the airport, where Mai and Setsuna are waiting. Mai encourages Setsuna to go to him, and Makoto asks her forgiveness, which she tearfully gives. They reaffirm their love for one another. As the exchange between Makoto and Setsuna is ongoing, Youko approaches Mai, who says she never imagined that Makoto was the boy Setsuna liked. Youko asks her if she plans to give up on Makoto, and Mai deflects the question. Youko implies that she's not done with him, either.

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Time skips ahead to when Youko, Mai, and Setsuna have returned from Paris. Sekai asks them if there's something different about them, and they reveal that each of them is pregnant. Sekai, in shock, asks how it happened, and comments that she's the odd one out. The others tease her for feeling left out and suggest that she should get pregnant as well. Sekai backpedals on her statements, but the others have already arranged for Makoto to visit. When he arrives, Sekai panics.

It is implied that Sekai also becomes pregnant by Makoto.

Route Edit

Paris For Four
The route to Paris for Four is nearly identical to the route for Together (specifically the version that follows 33322), except that chapter 3 must follow the orange variant of the lower branch with Makoto seducing and sleeping with Mai before going to the festival and starting a relationship with Setsuna, and he must not say "I want a BJ" when being asked by Shun about Kokoro.
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