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No More Tears To Cry is a bad ending and one of eight possible second episodes in Shiny Days.

Plot Edit

The plot of No More Tears To Cry is identical to Part-time Job up until the scene after the shift where Setsuna spills water on Manami.
No More Tears to Cry

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After her shift, Setsuna finds Makoto talking with Otome and Ai on the beach. Otome points out that it's getting late. Ai agrees, and Makoto tells Itaru to pack up to go home. Setsuna is clearly upset at this point, but Makoto doesn't notice and suggests that Setsuna should go home as well.

As Makoto and Itaru are walking home, Makoto asks what she would like for dinner. Itaru, appearing concerned, replies sadly, "She was crying..."

Setsuna, now home and in bed, is no longer able to contain her despair, and she cries herself to sleep.

The chapter then skips ahead to later in the summer, where Itaru and Otome are playing on the beach. Otome approaches Makoto, who is looking wistfully at the boardwalk. When asked what he's looking for, Makoto says "I guess she's not coming." Otome asks who he means, to which he replies "Kiyoura." Otome teases him about liking her, saying that she clearly doesn't like him back if she hasn't shown up by now.

It's implied that Makoto and Setuna do not encounter each other again for the remainder of the summer.

Route Edit

No More Tears To Cry
Getting No More Tears To Cry for chapter 2 requires the following:
  • None of the criteria for the other chapter 2 endings are met
  • Makoto has low affection for Setsuna (i.e. the bar is low) by the time of his first encounter with her at the Radish; exactly where this threshold is can be difficult to determine.

If Makoto has high effection for Setsuna when he first encounters her wearing her uniform at the Radish, then episode 2 will be either Part-time Job or Drowning in Secrets.