An example of a "nice boat" meme featuring Makoto

Nice Boat is a meme heavily associated with School Days.

Origin Edit

The day before episode 12 would be aired, a girl killed her father with an axe in Kyoto. Due to the nature of episode 12, most channels canceled the episode and replaced it with half an hour of scenery with classical music (August Wilhelmj's "Air on the G String"). At-X broadcasted the episode a week later. Overflow organised a screening at the Akihabara 3D Theater which was free for everyone bringing a copy of School Days or Shiny Days with them.


Trivia Edit

  • Overflow named their booth at Comiket "nice boat"
  • Boat

    Kokoro's raft with a "nice boat" written on it

    In the OVA Magical Heart Kokoro-chan a boat appears which is named "nice boat"
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