Nadeshiko Katou
Gender female
Family and Relatives unnamed sister

Inori Ashikaga (adopted niece)
Mr. Katou (husband)
Otome Katou (daughter)
Karen Katou (daughter)

Nadeshiko Katou (加藤 撫子 Katou Nadeshiko) is a character mentioned in Shiny Days.


Nadeshiko is the wife of Mr. Katou and the mother of Otome and Karen Katou.

Cross Days

Roka mentions that Nadeshiko can be scary when she's angry, even to the point of lifting a motorcycle during an argument with her husband (likely stemming from his affair with Roka's mother).

Shiny Days

In the Inori routes, Natsuhi can mention Nadeshiko being upset that Otome hadn't informed her where she'd spent the night.


  • "Nadeshiko" can mean any flower of the Dianthus genus OR it can be an archaism for a lovable, caressable girl. The latter meaning could tie into her daughters' names: Otome means "Maiden" and Karen means "Cute".
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