Ms. Nijou
Gender Female
Hair Orange
Eyes Red
Occupation Nurse
Family and Relatives Tomaru Sawagoe (ex-lover)

Wakaba Nijou (daughter)
Hanon Nijou (granddaughter)
Kazuha Nijou (granddaughter)
Futaba Nijou (granddaughter)

Ms. Nijou is a character mentioned in Summer Radish Vacation.


Ms. Nijou was a good friend of Kagura Inou. She, along with several girls from her class, were invited to a party at the Snow Radish Restaurant two years after the events of Snow Radish Vacation. There, she met a man named Tomaru whom she became attracted to. However, the party was quickly revealed to be a sexual one and before long, she was pregnant with Wakaba. Even during her pregnancy, Ms. Nijou was forced to have sexual intercourse with customers who come to the restaurant. Despite finding the actions extremely unpleasant, Ms. Nijou endured, wanting to make Tomaru happy. 

Knowing that Tomaru was engaged to Kagura left Ms. Nijou heartbroken. After giving birth to Wakaba, she and her daughter moved to Haramihama to start a new life and pursued a career in nursing, having been inspired by Arisu, a former waitress at Snow Radish.


From the photo provided by Wakaba, Ms. Nijou appears to be a woman with orange hair and brown eyes. Her overall appearance is similar to her daughter's.

A pregnant Ms. Nijou alongside Hatsuka and Kagura.


  • She is surnamed after the Nijou family.
  • Along with Risa Inou, Ms. Nijou is one of the few characters to not make an appearance directly to the protagonists.
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