Mr. Katsura
Mr katsura
Gender Male
Hair Black
Family and Relatives Manami Katsura (wife)

Kotonoha Katsura (daughter)
Kokoro Katsura (daughter)


Mr. Katsura is the husband of Manami Katsura (her maiden name is unknown) and the father of Kotonoha and Kokoro.On school days only his voice is heard, he first appears in Cross Days.

He's apparently a very wealthy and influential man, as Kotonoha mentions his connections extensively and uses it to gain various accomodations, such as a 400,000 Yen hotel room on christmas. He's also mentioned to be a property developer on Sakakino Hills.


Unlike his wife he's very overprotective of his daughters and thinks Kotonoha is too young to be dating and when he hears Kotonoha has a boyfriend. He can insist on meeting him to Kotonoha can agree or disagree depending on the route. Above all he loves his family deeply and will even forgive Kotonoha if she gets pregnant from Makoto as long as she's happy.