Moegi Inou
Gender Female
Hair Black
Eyes Amber
Affiliation Inou Family

Haramichuu (formerly)
Aoi School (formerly)
Radish Group

Occupation Manager of Snow Radish
Family and Relatives Jou Inou (father)

Mrs. Inou (mother)
Asagi Inou (younger sister)
Tomaru Sawagoe (paternal half-brother/former lover)
Kagura Inou (daughter)
Ayumu Inou (son)
Youko Saionji (daughter)
Moeka Sekihata (daughter)
Hajime Inou (granddaughter [via Kagura])
Mai Kiyoura (granddaughter [via Kagura])
Rina Inou (granddaughter [via Kagura])
Rin Inou (granddaughter [via Kagura])
Wataru (grandson [via Kagura])
Sekai Saionji (granddaughter [via Youko])
Taisuke Sawanaga (grandson [via Ayumu])
Miki Sawanaga (granddaughter [via Ayumu])
Yukari Nagawa (niece)
Midori Nagawa (niece/granddaughter [via Ayumu])
Sakura Nagawa (niece/granddaughter [via Ayumu])
Rin Sekihata (granddaughter [via Moeka])
Korin Sekihata (great-granddaughter [via Rin Sekihata])
Setsuna Kiyoura (great-granddaughter [via Mai])
Rio Inou (great-granddaughter [via Hajime])
Risa Inou (great^2-granddaughter [via Rio])
Rika Inou (great^3-granddaughter [via Risa])

Seiyuu Miyabi Shion

 Moegi Inou (伊能 萌葱 Inō Moegi) is one of the heroines of Snow Radish Vacation.



Moegi was the manager of Snow Radish, the older sister of Asagi, and was friends with Arisu Takatsukasa. She lived with her children, Kagura and Ayumu, at Snow Radish.

Before Snow Radish Vacation!

Moegi Inou was the eldest daughter of Jou Inou and his wife. In her youth, she lived in Haramihama and attended Haramichuu, where she met Tomaru, who unbeknownst to her was her younger half-brother. The two fell in love and began a relationship. When Moegi's mother found out about their relationship, she was furious, as Tomaru was the son of Jou's mistress. In the end, Jou acknowledged Tomaru as his son, and Moegi and Tomaru were separated. By the time they separated, Moegi was pregnant by Tomaru. She gave birth to their daughter Kagura when she was in third year at Aoi School.

At some point, she moved to Motehara and started helping her father out at Snow Radish.

Years later, Moegi and Tomaru reunited and rekindled their relationship, resulting in Moegi becoming pregnant again. One day, while having sex near a sleeping Kagura, she asked Tomaru to choose a name for their unborn child. Tomaru eventually decided on the name "Ayumu". He then revealed that he had been videotaping everything, much to Moegi's shock, and that the recording would be his last gift to her, as he was going abroad for his studies. Moegi promised to wait for him, but Tomaru, seeming indifferent, walked away as she did. Before he left, he legally named the child and recognized it as his son, though he was unwilling to do so before. Soon after, Moegi gave birth to Ayumu.

Snow Radish Vacation!!

Moegi inherited Snow Radish when her father retired, and moved into it along with her children. When Kagura becomes pregnant, she doesn't ask any questions, nor does she oppose Kagura having the baby, as she herself had become a mother at a very young age.

She unexpectedly reunites with Tomaru when Asagi brings him and Tomoe with her to stay at Snow Radish.

Summer Radish Vacation!!

Moegi is only alluded to a few times. She continues to manage the Snow Radish.

Summer Radish Vacation!! 2

In one scene, Rideru asks Tomaru who the woman he most loved was, and he replies that it was Moegi. He also mentions that Moegi died some time ago.


On the surface, Moegi seems like an understanding and loving single mother managing Snow Radish. Beneath that, however, is a troubled individual who engaged in sexual activities with a younger boy while both were underage, would continue them despite knowing that he was her half-brother, and who enabled him to sexually abuse Kagura and Hajime. She also allowed Kagura and her friend, Hatsuka Hazama, to to act as underage prostitutes and recruiters towards their classmates like Ms. Nijou.


  • Her given name means "Light Yellowish Green", "Color of a Freshly Sprouted Onion". This could lend not only into her managing the Snow Radish, but also the names of her sister and nieces, all of which simultaneously reference colors and vegetation.
  • Moegi has the largest bust size in Snow Radish Vacation.
  • Moegi's toxic relationship with her half-brother Tomaru can be compared with the toxic relationship between Cersei and Jaime Lannister from Game of Thrones.
  • Her seiyuu, Miyabi Shion, also voiced Moegi's daughter Kagura in Summer Radish Vacation and Rurika Washino in Large PonPon
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