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I hurt Kotonoha, I need to take responsibility...I want to make up for what I did somehow.
~ Makoto vows to takes responsibilities for cheating Kotonoha
Makoto Itou
Makoto manga.png
Name Makoto Itou
Kanji 伊藤 誠
Status Alive
First Apperance Confession

Makoto Itou is the main Protagonist of the School Days manga.


Makoto was a average slightly skinned built boy with a short black hair that was groomed and a pair of hazel eyes. He's mostly seen wearing a school uniform but in the late chapter he's been seen wearing a school uniform with a additional of a black polo. His casual clothing consisted of a white shirt with a blue collar on the lining,a long blue pants with a white collar below the knees a pair of shoes and a green jacket later in the chapter in the beach his swim suit attires are a dark blue swim trunks and a sweater later on, during in the festival his seen wearing a pair of shirt with a polo, short pants, and a pair of sandals.