Mai Kiyoura
Born November 4
Blood-Type A
Gender Female
Height 166 cm
B.W.H 79-62-84
Hair Dark Green (Brown in Summer Radish Vacation)
Eyes Red (Brown in Summer Radish Vacation)
Affiliation Watajo (Summer Radish Vacation!!)
Family and Relatives Tomaru Sawagoe (father/maternal grandfather/half-granduncle)

Kagura Inou (mother/paternal half-sister)
Moegi Inou (maternal grandmother/half-grandaunt)
Jou Inou (paternal grandfather/maternal great-grandfather [via Tomaru])
Hajime Inou (sister/maternal half-niece)
Wataru (maternal half-brother)
Rina Inou (sister/maternal half-niece)
Youko Saionji (paternal half-sister/aunt)
Setsuna Kiyoura (daughter/half-niece)
Shun Hazama (paternal half-brother/ex-lover)
Makoto Itou (paternal half-brother/lover)

Seiyuu Minami Nagazaki (SRV)

Moe Natsumi (Summer Days)

Mai Inou (伊能 舞 Inou Mai) was initially a character in Summer Radish Vacation. The younger sister of Hajime Inou, she was the second-born child of Kagura Inou. Her father was Tomaru Sawagoe, who is also her maternal grandfather.

At some point after Summer Radish Vacation, she changed her name to Mai Kiyoura (清浦 舞 Kiyoura Mai) and became the mother of Setsuna Kiyoura.



Mai has deep green hair tied into bun and a pale complexion. She usually wears somewhat formal yellow dress with an orange rose and wear reddish lipstick to go with her red eyes. Compared to the other mothers, Mai has rather slender figure similar to her daughter, Setsuna, along with a small bust similar to Otome Katou's.

In Summer Days' bad ending "Succumbing to Pleasure", Mai wears a dominatrix costume along with her daughter to help her punish Makoto for cheating with Sekai and Youko.

In her teenage years, Mai sported a similar figure, but her hair and eyes are brown and her hair is tied in ponytail with long yellow ribbon.

Summer Radish Vacation!!Edit

Mai first meeting
In the prologue, Shun bumps into her while she is carrying luggage and she falls to the ground. Due to their similar appearances, Shun confuses her with Youko and because of that, he talks to her as if they were close. She misunderstands and thinks that he's hitting on her and gets angry, after which she will ask to Shun carry her luggage. Shun can decide carry or not carry.

If Shun decides not to carry the luggage, he harshly refuses carry the luggage, angering Mai again, and she leaves.

In some of Tomaru's events, he will attempt to seduce her until Shun interferes and disrupts him. If few or none of these events are triggered from the night of 8/14, she will become Tomaru's sex slave. Going to the Summer Radish on this night will trigger a scene where Tomaru rapes her. After this date, she will no longer appear in Summer Radish.


Mai Ending

Summer Radish Vacation!! 2Edit

She is briefly mentioned in an event where Rin talks about her sisters. Rin will mentions that she already left home.

Summer DaysEdit

In Summer Days, Mai is a minor character.

Shiny DaysEdit

Mai's role in Shiny Day is significantly extended, turning her into another heroine with own route.

Mai pregnant

Mai pregnant with Makoto's child

In the semi-canonical Paris for Four ending, Mai becomes pregnant with Makoto's child. Together with Youko and Setsuna, who are pregnant as well, she forces Sekai into pregnancy as well, after learning that she feels left out.


  • Mai Inou started out as an expy of Azusa Hinomori from the Welcome to Pia Carrot!! franchise.
  • The scene where Shun bumps into Mai, is framed similar to the scene in Pia Carrot 2, where Kouji Maeda bumped into Azusa.
  • 0verflow hired the VA who voiced Azusa Hinomori to voice Mai in SRV1.
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