Magical Heart Kokoro-chan
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Title Magical Heart Kokoro-chan
Romanji Majikaru Hāto Kokoro-chan
Kanji マジカルハート☆こころちゃん
Release Date March 6, 2008
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Magical Heart Kokoro-chan (マジカルハート☆こころちゃん Majikaru Hāto Kokoro-chan) is second and last special episode of the School Days anime.

Plot Summary

Makoto Itou is riding a train to school as always until suddenly, an explosion causes the train to stop abruptly. Makoto then witnesses a UFO being destroyed by a mysterious young girl, changing his everyday life forever.

Taisuke shows Makoto magazine articles about Magical Heart

At school, Taisuke Sawanaga enthusiastically shows Makoto a gossip magazine featuring numerous articles about Magical Heart's various exploits and celebrity appearances, but Makoto is still not interested, dismissing it all as some elaborate hoax. Sekai Saionji then arrives, also questioning if Magical Heart is a true hero. A frustrated Taisuke asks Setsuna Kiyoura if she believes him, to which Setsuna nods, giving Taisuke some joyful credit from her about Magical Heart. When asked by Sekai if she really does believe that, Setsuna answers cryptically, "There are heroes because there's evil, and there's evil because there are heroes," leaving the others confused.

At the Radish Restaurant where Sekai, Hikari Kuroda, Nanami Kanroji, and Kokoro all work, Kokoro's sister Kotonoha stops by as a customer. Kokoro happily serves Kotonoha some coffee, after which the latter credited her on her waitressing skills. Kokoro gets annoyed by her "patronizing" and tells her that she's going a great job as a waitress. Hikari and Nanami support this, mentioning that Kokoro doesn't drop plates like Sekai does, much to Sekai's chagrin. Kotonoha tells her sister not to get too arrogant and cause trouble in her work, to which Kokoro agrees. All of them suddenly hear an alert that Kotonoha thinks sounds like an email notification. Sekai tells her that it's just an "emergency order" before leaving, along with the others. Seemingly confused, Kotonoha then smiles, implying that she's somewhat aware of her sister's secret life.

The Radish Mobile Squad from left to right (Nanami),(Kokoro),(Sekai),(Hikari)

The girls all enter their locker room, which is revealed to be the secret (and somewhat embarrassing) entrance to the secret Headquarters of their manager/commander, Youko Saionji. She announces to them that they have an emergency in Sakakino City: a virus spread by parties unknown that turns shoppers into perverted zombies.

Setsuna as Doctor S

At the Sakakino shopping district, the culprit, revealed to be Tanaka under the command of the Radish Mobile Squad's arch-nemesis Doctor S (Setsuna), starts to infect everyone, turning them into mindless perverted zombies. Meanwhile, Makoto and Taisuke run from zombies while escaping the gas, while Otome Katou and her trio try to defend themselves from the zombie horde, before the Radish Mobile Squad finally arrives.

The Squad assembles their secret weapon, which turns out to be simply an upgraded vacuum cleaner. Sekai sucks up the rest of the gas and taunts Doctor S, only to realize that the vacuum is now near bursting point. Doctor S counterattacks by releasing more gas. Sekai recklessly puts the vacuum into turbo, causing it to burst. Taisuke gives in to the gas and turns into a zombie, chasing and eventually cornering Otome, her friends, and the squad (save Kokoro, who has escaped), while Makoto tries to resist giving in to the gas.

Kokoro as Magical Heart

Just as Sekai asks where Kokoro went, Magical Heart suddenly appears and stops the infection, reverting all the zombified citizens, including a now-naked Taisuke, to normal. Magical Heart confronts Doctor S for her chaotic acts, to which the latter calmly replies that she's just performing her role as a villain opposite Magical Heart's role as a hero. Magical Heart, having had enough of Doctor S's "psychobabble", singlehandedly wipes out her henchmen. She demands Doctor S's surrender, but the latter instead turns Tanaka into a Mecha version of himself to finish off Magical Heart once and for all. Makoto and the others run away from the area and the Defense Force arrives, but their attacks have no effect on Mecha Tanaka and they get destroyed instead. Magical Heart too becomes overwhelmed by the situation and gets blasted by Tanaka, leaving her to fall for her death until Makoto manages to catch her.

Kotonoha as Magical Word

The rubble falls on the two, but they are rescued by another unidentified hero who then reveals herself as Magical Word and threatens Doctor S for terrorizing Sakakino City and harming Magical Heart. Doctor S doesn't expect this and orders Tanaka to destroy them all, but Magical Word singlehandedly defends them and herself from the incoming attack before thanking Makoto for saving Magical Heart. She and Magical Heart combine forces, summoning a Mecha Mayo-chan which overpowers Tanaka before finishing him off with a Magical Chainsaw signature move, "Bloody Conclusion". Doctor S tells both Magical Heart and Word that the next time they meet will be their last before leaving the two. Mayo-chan leaves the city as well and Kokoro arrives, providing a life raft for Sekai, Nanami, and Hikari amidst the bloody flood.

At school, Taisuke again enthusiastically shows Makoto and Sekai more news about Magical Heart, along with the pictures of Magical Word he took from Makoto's cellphone, only for an exhausted Makoto and Sekai to still feel uninterested by it.

Makoto pictures Kokoro as Magical Heart

At the Radish Restaurant, Taisuke, Setsuna, and Makoto stop by and are waited on by Kokoro. As she goes to relay their orders, Makoto then notices Kokoro's resemblance to Magical Heart. Taisuke teases Makoto, asking if he's changed his taste to younger girls, which Makoto vehemently denies. The latter then notices Kotonoha arriving from her student council duties to join them. The scene ends with Kokoro delivering her customers' orders as Youko looks on fondly.

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