Lending Out Makoto
Lending Out Makoto Hikari
"No, I mean, considering how things ended up...I figured, maybe this was your intent from the beginning..."



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Lending out Makoto is a Kuroda Hikari ending and one of 12 possible third episodes in Shiny Days.

Plot Edit

The plot of Lending out Makoto follows the upper branch storyline up to the point where Hikari drags Makoto to Yamagata's meeting spot in the forest.

Lending out Makoto

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As Hikari is watching Oruha and her date having sex through the bushes, she is unable to control herself and begins masturbating. Makoto notices and tries to look away, but when she continues right in front of him, he assumes that she's the girl that he was supposed to meet. He walks up behind her and goes down on her. She is initially surprised, but doesn't stop him. Soon after, they have sex. After they are finished, Hikari is conflicted about what just happened, but suggests that they should go back to his place, as she doesn't want to stop.


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Some time passes, and Hikari is meeting with Yamagata at the Radish. It appears that Hikari is blackmailing Yamagata to remain silent about something, and when Setsuna walks up to take their order, she pushes Yamagata for payment lest she tell Setsuna. Yamagata reluctantly submits.

Setsuna is confused, and Hikari asks her if she likes Makoto. She responds that she doesn't know anymore, as he stood her up at the festival. Hikari gets a phone call, and while she's predisposed, Setsuna asks Yamagata what's going on, and if it has to do with Makoto. Yamagata is hesitant to answer. Meanwhile, Hikari's call appears to be with a client of some kind.

When Hikari's call has ended, she tells Yamagata that it's her turn, and Yamagata rushes out of the restaurant. Hikari tells Setsuna that every girl she's gotten in on her secret business has enjoyed it, and that she would too.

It's implied that Hikari is charging girls money to sleep with Makoto.

Route Edit

The route to Lending out Makoto requires only that the bar be very low by the time Hikari takes Makoto to the shrine forest. No dialogue decisions seem to impact the route, and it doesn't appear that there's any way to avoid this ending other than by raising the bar.

As such, Lending out Makoto is similar to chapter 2's No More Tears to Cry, in that it sets a minimum bar requirement to advance past a certain point in the chapter.

Determining exactly where this threshold is for the bar is difficult, so some experimentation may be required to get the route you desire.