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Kyouichi Kasannoin
Kasannoin Kyoichi.jpg
Other names Kyou-kun
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Affiliation Sakakino Gakuen
Occupation Cram School Teacher

Student Librarian

Family and Relatives Kyomi Kasannoin (younger sister)

Nanami Kanroji (lover)

Seiyuu Hideki Ogihara (credited as Takezou Koike)

Kyouichi Kasannoin (花山院 恭一 Kasannoin Kyouichi) is a secondary character of Cross Days, although he is mentioned within School Days.

School Days

Although unseen, Kasannoin is the boyfriend of Nanami. In a few routes, Nanami can confide in Sekai, Setsuna, and Hikari about her boyfriend's otaku hobbies or his enabling of his sister's brother complex.

Cross Days

Visual Novel

Kasannoin plays a more prominent role as Yuuki's sempai. Like Yuuki, he is a student librarian and enjoys online games, even to the point of noticing Yuuki's absence from an MMORPG. He also mentions to Yuuki his part-time job as a tutor (which is actually a coverup for his pedophilic activities) and, in the Disappointment ending, he is mentioned to have introduced Yuuki to Kokoro.

In other routes, he and Yuuki can go on a "double date" with Hanon and Niki, an event witnessed by Hikari. His affair with Hanon can also be witnessed by Kotonoha, which can eventually lead to Nanami breaking up with him, as seen in Given Up on Everything.

He is also a classmate of Yuuki's sister, Chie, and her friends Ion and Youka.


Although he's still present as Yuuki's sempai, Kasannoin's role is much smaller. There is also no mention of him being Nanami's boyfriend, his affair with Hanon, or of his "tutoring".

Shiny Days

In the Rain of Carnage ending, he and Makoto sexually abuse Kokoro and her friend Uzuki, which leads to Kotonoha killing both of them and rescuing her sister before setting the building ablaze.


  • His surname may derive from the Kasannoin branch of the Fujiwara clan. It may also be a nod to Morokata Kazan'in, a Kamakura period nobleman and poet.
  • Kyouichi's front as cram school teacher for his pedophile activities and his infidelity is similar to Tomaru Sawagoe's actions throughout the Radish Trilogy.
  • In Cross Days, he is nicknamed "Kyou-kun" by Hanon.