Kyouichi Kasannoin
Kasannoin Kyoichi.jpg
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Affiliation Sakakino Gakuen
Occupation Cram School Teacher

Student Librarian

Family and Relatives Kyomi Kasannoin (younger sister)

Nanami Kanroji (lover)

Seiyuu Takezou Koike

Kyouichi Kasannoin (花山院 恭一 Kasannoin Kyouichi) is the boyfriend of Nanami Kanroji mentioned in School Days. He has a much more prominent role in Cross Days, where he is a fellow student librarian alongside protagonist Yuuki Ashikaga, who looks up to him as his sempai. He is also a classmate of Yuuki's sister, Chie, and her friends Ion Ishibashi and Youka Kira. Kyouichi enjoys playing eroges, works part-time as a tutor, and looks to Yuuki as his kōhai.

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