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Kumi Mori
Mori Kumi.jpg
Born 14 July
Blood-Type AB
Gender Female
Height 152cm
B.W.H 77-58-80
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Affiliation Sakakino Gakuen
Occupation High School Student
Family and Relatives Misao Mori (possible relative)
Seiyuu Eri Saita (credited as Nene)

Kumi Mori (森 来実 Mori Kumi) is a member of the trio. She has the lightest and longest hair out of them, and unlike the other two, it isn't spikey. She's notable for wearing a headband.

School Days

The Visual Novel

She and her boyfriend coming out of the break room

She's usually seen with the trio and participating in the bullying Kotonoha has to endure. She's mentioned to be the quietest girl out of the

three but is the only one with a boyfriend. Her boyfriend is mentioned to be a university student.

Apart from Otome, she enjoys bullying Kotonoha the most and is the one that almost slaps Kotonoha in one of her endings. But she and Natsumi are slightly less cruel than Otome and in the event, Makoto does come to Kotonoha leaves her alone.


In episode 8, Kotonoha asks Kumi's friends if they had seen her because she was supposed to help with the festival. Her friends say that they haven't seen Kumi, leaving Kotonoha to do the job herself.

In episode 9, After Evening Festival, she mentions that she has a date with her boyfriend, which makes the rest of them jealous.

In episode 11 she reveals that she was also caught on tape in the break-room with her boyfriend. She seems less upset by it than Nanami (also caught on tape) was.


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Reading literature in class