Kotonoha has a number of endings in the games. Depending on the player, it could either be good or bad. Also, Kotonoha's character changes dramatically between some of them, from retaining her original personality to becoming manipulative and even yandere.

School DaysEdit

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The Visual NovelEdit

Kotonoha has 7 endings, all of which involve either herself overcoming her fear of intimacy and, if necessary win back Makoto or seduce him. In the bad endings she can either kill Sekai, get killed by Sekai, commit suicide or be left alone pregnant after Makoto gets killed. In the latter mentioned, she's seen with her son 3 years after Makoto dies. In 4 of Sekai's 5 endings, Otome's single ending, and one of the harem endings, she ends up rejected by Makoto and doesn't show any malicious intent after. In Sekai's last ending and Hikari's 2 endings she's with Taisuke after being forced/raped into it. In the last harem endings she ends up in a polygamous relationship with Sekai and Makoto and gets pregnant,


In the last episode, of the anime series, Episode 12, Kotonoha and Makoto were back together, only for Makoto to be killed by Sekai in fit of rage. Kotonoha, after finding Makoto's dead body in his apartment, murders Sekai by luring her to the rooftop of Sakakino High using Makoto's phone to message her and kills her the same way she did in the game, and then slicing open her stomach. Kotonoha wanted to find the truth in what Sekai said about being pregnant with Makoto's child. The last words she said to Sekai being "As I suspected. You were lying. There's no one inside of you." Soon after, Kotonoha, while clinging to the severed head of Makoto, is seen on an yacht, floating away into the ocean. She mutters, "We're finally alone together, Makoto-kun." with Kotonoha hugging Makoto's head.


The manga has a completely different ending as Sekai and Makoto end up together. Kotonoha accidently wounds Makoto after trying to kill Sekai in a fit of jealous rage. In the hospital, Makoto is with Sekai telling her that he is going to apologize to Kotonoha. Sekai then gets a phone call from Kokoro (Kotonoha's younger sister) telling Makoto that her sister is on the floor covered in blood. Makoto is horrified before Sekai reveals that she has indeed killed Kotonoha due to her being too dangerous.

Summer DaysEdit

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