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Karen Katou
Katou Karen.jpg
Born February 22
Blood-Type O
Gender Female
Height 152cm
B.W.H 88-63-82cm
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Affiliation Katou Family
Occupation Middle School Student
Family and Relatives Nadeshiko Katou (mother)

Mr. Katou
Otome Katou (older sister)
Nadeshiko's Sister (maternal aunt)
Inori Ashikaga (adopted cousin)
Makoto Itou (potential lover)

Seiyuu Eriko Nakayama (as GUNTA)

Karen Katou (加藤 可憐 Katou Karen) is a sub-heroine of Summer/Shiny Days.


Karen is the second daughter of Mr. and Nadeshiko Katou, as well as the younger sister of Otome Katou.


Karen is playful and yet forceful. Unlike her sister, Karen gets along with many people easily.


Flaunting her "assets"

Karen is a short girl with brown hair tied with ribbons into twin-tails. She also has brown eyes like her sister, Otome. Unlike her, though, Karen appears to have a much bigger bust, despite the age difference.

School Days

In the visual novel, she's mentioned to be one year younger than Otome and since they went to the same Junior High, the two of them used to hang out with Makoto Itou. Otome also mentions she's studying to try for their school, while Makoto reveals she is a good sports player, but is bad at studying.

Summer/Shiny Days

In both Summer Days and Shiny Days, Karen has three endings titled "Karen's Summer", "Haramihama Love Triangle", and "Becoming Part of the Family". She is often accompanied by the Nijou twins.


  • Her given name Karen (可憐) means "cute".
  • Her surname and birthday are derived from Prime Minister Tomosaburō Katō.