Jou Inou
Gender Male
Hair Auburn (presumably)
Eyes Brown (presumably)
Occupation Millionaire
Family and Relatives Mrs. Inou (wife)

Ms. Sawagoe (mistress)
Moegi Inou (daughter [via Mrs. Inou])
Asagi Inou (daughter [via Mrs. Inou])
Tomaru Sawagoe (son [via Ms. Sawagoe])
Kagura Inou (granddaughter [via Tomaru + Moegi])
Ayumu Inou (grandson [via Tomaru + Moegi])
Youko Saionji (granddaughter [via Tomaru + Moegi])
Moeka Sekihata (granddaughter [via Tomaru + Moegi])
Yukari Nagawa (granddaughter [via Tomaru + Asagi])
Sakura Nagawa (granddaughter [via Asagi]/great-granddaughter [via Ayumu])
Midori Nagawa (granddaughter [via Asagi]/great-granddaughter [via Ayumu])
Shun Hazama (grandson [via Tomaru])
Toki Hazama (granddaughter [via Tomaru])
Kuu Hazama (grandson [via Tomaru])
Wakaba Nijou (granddaughter [via Tomaru])
Kei Ogata (grandson [via Tomaru])
Tomomasa Sawagoe (grandson [via Tomaru])
Touri Sawagoe (granddaughter [via Tomaru])
Rideru Takatsukasa (granddaughter [via Tomaru])
Makoto Itou (grandson [via Tomaru])
Itaru Itou (granddaughter [via Tomaru])
Hajime Inou (granddaughter [via Tomaru]/great-granddaughter [via Kagura])
Mai Kiyoura (granddaughter [via Tomaru]/great-granddaughter [via Kagura])
Rina Inou (granddaughter [via Tomaru]/great-granddaughter [via Kagura])
Rin (granddaughter [via Tomaru]/great-granddaughter [via Kagura])
Wataru (great-grandson [via Kagura])
Miki Sawanaga (great-granddaughter [via Ayumu])
Taisuke Sawanaga (great-grandson [via Ayumu])
Sekai Saionji (great-granddaughter [via Youko + Shun])
Rin Sekihata (great-granddaughter [via Moeka])
Rio Inou (great^2-granddaughter [via Hajime]/granddaughter [via Tomaru])
Risa Inou (great^3-granddaughter [via Rio]/granddaughter [via Tomaru])
Rika Inou (great^4-granddaughter [via Risa]/granddaughter [via Tomaru])
Setsuna Kiyoura (great^2-granddaughter [via Mai]/great-granddaughter [via Shun])
Hanon Nijou (great-granddaughter [via Shun + Wakaba])
Kazuha Nijou (great-granddaughter [via Shun + Wakaba])
Futaba Nijou (great-granddaughter [via Shun + Wakaba])
Roka Kitsuregawa (great-granddaughter [via Shun])
Inori Ashikaga (great-granddaughter [via Shun])
Korin Sekihata (great^2-granddaughter [via Rin Sekihata]/great-granddaughter [via Kei])

Jou Inou (伊能 上 Inou Jou) is the father of Moegi Inou, Asagi Inou, and Tomaru Sawagoe.


Although he doesn't make an appearance, according to Kagura, Tomaru looked just like him to the point of Mrs. Inou being able to tell that they were father and son at a glance.


Not much is known about him except that he was a millionaire. He was married to Mrs. Inou with whom he had two daughters, Moegi and Asagi Inou. He also had an affair with a woman of the Sawagoe family with whom he had a son named Tomaru.

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