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The Bloody Conclusion

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Bloody End

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Bloody End is one of the bad endings in School Days and arguably the most infamous ending to the game and by popularity it is second only to the anime ending. It is also the easiest bad ending to reach as it has many routes leading to it. It's usually achieved by choosing Sekai and abandoning Kotonoha. In this ending Kotonoha kills Sekai on a train station overpass. This ending is reached when Makoto chooses Sekai but not completely abandoning Kotonoha which leads her to obsess over Makoto and go into Yandere mode to kill Sekai.

This ending has at least 6 routes leading up to it, and Makoto can go back to Kotonoha in 5 of them. On each 5 of the routes is a similar yet uniquely named Kotonoha ending. Those are as follows:

The 6th route however, is tied with With Honesty and Christmas Eve and happens if Makoto tries to break up with Kotonoha after the school festival and says that he hates her to do it.

In the LxH version of the game, the ending is extended and the extension is titled Cold Scarf (冷たいマフラー).

School Days HQ Title


Route Overview

Route A - To Kotonoha alternative

Episode 1 - Confession

Main article: Confession

Episode 2 - The Distance Between Us

Main article: The Distance Between Us

Episode 3 - Conflicting Desires

Main article: Conflicting Desires

Episode 4 - The One I Love Most

Main article: The One I Love Most

The Episode starts with Nanami and Setsuna talking about the school festival. They run into Kotonoha and Kotonoha wonders if she can walk around with Makoto now that they're broken up. The trio discuss the plans for the "break room" they're building for the school festival and starts to get into a situation with Kotonoha. After that they discuss Kotonoha and Makoto going out together and because of this Otome let's it slip that she likes Makoto and is planning on inviting him. In class 3 Makoto and the others are preparing for the school festival and Makoto runs into Kotonoha on the way out. After that Kotonoha and Taisuke run into each other and Kotonoha gives Taisuke the idea to ask Sekai out. During the evening Taisuke calls Makoto to confirm he's not dating Sekai so he can ask her. Makoto then claims he's in love with Sekai and he only dated Kotonoha because Sekai told him to. Taisuke still decides to ask Sekai out. The scene shifts to Sekai's home where she and Setsuna are making their waitress uniforms for the school festival. Setsuna then talks about the school traditions where dancing with someone at the folk dance will mean they won't break up that year and about the hidden break rooms.

During the school festival the trio sticks the job of watching the reception to Kotonoha while they all go to have fun. Makoto doesn't have anything to do and Sekai wants to ask him to walk around the festival but can't and Kotonoha also can't ask him because she can't leave the receptionist desk. Taisuke goes over to chat with Kotonoha and then asks her to ask Sekai out on his behalf. Sekai then rejects him saying she doesn't want to go out with someone that has to confess through a girl. After that Taisuke finds out Makoto is Kotonoha's boyfriend then drags him over to Kotonoha to help them make up. But before they have a chance to make up Otome asks Makoto to walk around with her. Makoto goes and then after Otome reveals how she forced all the work on Kotonoha he goes back. Before he makes it Setsuna informs him where Sekai is and Makoto is forced to make a decision between them. He chooses Kotonoha and they have sex in the break room. Meanwhile Taisuke asks Sekai to the folk dance and is accepted by her. The next day Taisuke reveals to Makoto what happened and then all tells him to go on a double date with him and Sekai to a pool. At the pool Kotonoha and Taisuke go to the rides while Makoto and Sekai talk near the poolside. Makoto then reveals he's already slept with Kotonoha. To cheer herself up Sekai kisses Makoto and is seen by nearby people. Kotonoha hears of this and asks if anybody besides Sekai was near him or any couples and then later deduces Sekai kissed Makoto. During the train home Kotonoha asks Makoto to kiss her, later at home Makoto is puzzled by both Kotonoha and Sekai's actions and then goes to sleep. The next day Taisuke lets Makoto know that he and Sekai are officially going out. During lunch with Kotonoha, Makoto is pushed past his breaking point and then runs over to Sekai to declare his love for her in front of Taisuke.

Episode 5 - Sekai

The episode starts with a recap of what happened the previous episode and then shows Makoto and Taisuke talking on the phone. Taisuke is upset that Makoto stole Sekai right in front of him but

Kotonoha threatening to kill whoever Makoto's dating

forgives him on the condition that he introduce him to someone. Makoto then decides to set Taisuke and Hikari together. Makoto then breaks up with Kotonoha. He still feels guilty and hopes she'd hate him instead of Sekai. The next day Otome comes over to Makoto while he and Sekai are having lunch. She asks him if he was at aqua square recently and figures out she went the same day as him. They talk about their old days shortly and Sekai becomes slightly jealous at how close they are. Makoto promises that he and Otome aren't like that and are just close friends. He then suggest going to pure burger to treat her. As they're about to leave school Kotonoha asks to talk with Sekai. Kotonoha, not aware Makoto's dating Sekai reveals that she's been dumped and asks Sekai if she knows who Makoto is dating. Right before Sekai tells Kotonoha it's her Kotonoha pulls out a fruit knife and makes her intention to kill whoever Makoto is dating and then kill herself. But she thinks it's Otome and decides she can't kill someone as fit as Otome. (In fact she is able to kill even fitter figures like Chie, here she is just uncertain whether that guy being Otome and needs sort of confirmation) Kotonoha then reveals she saw Makoto kissing someone at the pool, Sekai, apparently either forgotting that it was her or feeling extremely insecure, starts to suspect Makoto is cheating on her with Otome. During the evening Sekai doesn't accept Makoto's call and then Makoto spends the entire night talking to Otome. The next day Makoto reveals he spent the entire night talking with Otome. However Kotonoha, having heard Otome talk with her friends think that Makoto had sex with Otome all night. Sekai clears it up during PE and then Nanami introduces Otome to Sekai.

During class Makoto asks why she's been asking about Otome and then Sekai accuses Makoto of cheating on her with Otome. The whole class hears it and it becomes almost everyone's interest to find out what's going on. Nanami informs Otome what's going on and asks if its true. Otome denies it but she reveals she has a crush on Makoto. Nanami then wishes her luck if Sekai gets dumped. Makoto asks to talk everything over with Sekai and goes up to the roof with her. Sekai accuses her of kissing Otome at the pool and when Makoto denies it she says Kotonoha saw him do it. Kotonoha then begs Makoto to date her again. Makoto then makes it clear he loves Sekai and apologizes to Kotonoha and asks Sekai to believe in his feelings.

Final Episode - Bloody End

Kotonoha in denial asks Sekai to stop seducing him claiming that Makoto still loves her. Sekai then reveals she's been in love with Makoto far longer and Makoto loves her. She apologizes to Kotonoha and begs her to give up on Makoto. Kotonoha still in denial slaps Sekai. Kotonoha then goes over to Makoto's home but is sent home by him. The next day she tries to get close to him on the bus but Nanami and Hikari block her way to make sure he has no contact with Kotonoha.

Route B - After the Kiss Alternative

Episode 1 - Confession

Main article: Confession

Episode 2 - The Distance Between Us

Main article: The Distance Between Us

Episode 3 - First Experience

Main article: First Experience

Episode 4 - Bonfire for Two

Main article: Bonfire for Two

Ever since that day Makoto and Sekai have constantly gone to each others house to hook up. Makoto's still dating Kotonoha while having an affair

A dance on the roof

with Sekai. Two days before the festival they're seen having sex on the rooftop and Makoto cums inside Sekai and is almost caught by Kotonoha because it's leaking. That evening Makoto and Sekai are talking and she mentions how she got freaked out when it started leaking. Makoto then says if he came outside on her clothes it would've been even more obvious. Makoto gets a call from Kotonoha and asks to call Sekai back and Sekai then says she's going to take a bath and Makoto tells her to "wash on the inside too". Kotonoha then asks to see the festival with him but Makoto says he can't but agrees to dance with her at the bonfire. During the school festival Makoto's busy in the kitchen when Taisuke comes to relieve him. Makoto mentions he's free until the bonfire then is forced to help out. After things calm down Sekai asks Makoto to walk around until the bonfire and they go up to the roof. The festival ends and Sekai's happy she got to walk around with Makoto which made her feel like a couple with Makoto. She wants to dance with him but says it would be going too far. Makoto then says he wants to be with her but Sekai says they can't because the bonfire is for couples. Makoto makes a comprimise to dance there on the rooftop because they can hear to sound of the dance and they dance.

Episode 5 - Kotonoha Abandoned

Main article: Kotonoha Abandoned

Kotonoha despite being stood up at the bonfire is still hung up on Makoto and is emailing him. Kokoro chats with Kotonoha and makes Kotonoha admit to having a boyfriend and made sandwiches for him. Meanwhile Makoto and Sekai are having sex at Makoto's giant bath. Before Sekai leaves she offers to make lunch for Makoto because the bavarois he made for her was incredibly good. Sekai's feeling down because Setsuna transferred and insists on making lunch for Makoto. After she leaves Makoto remembers Kotonoha's also making lunch for him tomorrow. Sekai comes to school and tells Makoto her mother liked Makoto's bavarois very much. Lunchtime comes and Sekai's excited to have Makoto eat it when Kotonoha comes and takes Makoto away to have lunch with him. Kotonoha asks Sekai to join them but she declines, being disappointed with Makoto. During lunch Makoto says Kotonoha's getting better and Kotonoha asks if he's still close with Sekai. Makoto says no but says they're not on bad terms but aren't that close

Meanwhile Nanami and Hikari, being misinformed of Sekai and Makoto's relationship think they're going out and tells Sekai to keep an eye on h

Pick up where we left off

er boyfriend. Sekai denies that he's her boyfriend and says the only time he said he loved her was when they were pretending and that she wants to keep loving him but don't want things to get weird and for him to hate her. Nanami then starts to complain about her boyfriend and his sister's brother complex. Hikari then mentions the guy she's got a one sided thing for is a long-term battle and she's taken "steps".

Kotonoha cries after seeing Makoto having sex with Sekai

After school Makoto and Sekai go up to the roof to talk. Sekai mentions that she didn't need to make him lunch and Makoto apologizes. Sekai then states she doesn't want to be the girl he sleeps with while they hid it from Kotonoha and that it makes her feel guilty. Makoto then apologizes for it and says goodbye but Sekai, not wanting to lose Makoto says she was kidding and asks to pick up where they left off. Makoto then says he's going to be more honest and truthful to himself and says he loves her more than Kotonoha. Kotonoha comes out of her meeting only to run into Nanami and despite being misinformed threatens Kotonoha to make her stay away from Makoto and that he and Sekai have been going out together since the start of the semester. Kotonoha refuses to believe it and runs over to the rooftop to catch Makoto taking Sekai from behind.

At home Kotonoha wonders if Makoto hates her now because she didn't do the things he's doing with Sekai now and that it's her fault she didn't satisfy him and masturbates thinking about Makoto. Makoto and Sekai are at Sekai's after having sex Sekai says he didn't want to do it with her but Kotonoha but Makoto says she's wrong and says he loves her. Sekai says she loves him too and she'll believe she's the one who he loves most. She then apologizes for loving him and that it's causing all sorts of trouble for him. Makoto assures he loves her more then Kotonoha. The next day because Makoto spent the night he doesn't meet up with Kotonoha on the train. During lunchtime Makoto decides to go to Kotonoha to straight up tell her he's going out with Sekai. After meeting her he tries to tell her but before that is invited to the roof by her. Kotonoha insists Makoto come alone but she's called to the staff room to submit a late form. Sekai then asks Nanami and Hikari to keep Kotonoha away from Makoto. Kotonoha comes over to Makoto's home and asks to be invited inside but Makoto denies her access and send her home.

Final Episode - Bloody End

Kotonoha in denial asks Sekai to stop seducing him calming that Makoto still loves her. Sekai then reveals she's been in love with Makoto far longer and Makoto loves her. She apologizes to Kotonoha and begs her to give up on Makoto. Kotonoha still in denial slaps Sekai. Kotonoha then goes over to Makoto's home but is sent home by him. The next day she tries to get close to him on the bus but Nanami and Hikari block her way to make sure he has no contact with Kotonoha. 

Route C - It Begins with the First Kiss alternative

Episode 1 - Confession

Main article: Confession

Episode 2 - The Distance Between Us

Main article: The Distance Between Us

Episode 3 - First Experience

Main article: First Experience

Episode 4 - Partner for the Festival

Main article: Partner for the Festival

Ever since that day Makoto and Sekai have constantly gone to each others house to hook up. Makoto's still dating Kotonoha while having an affair with Sekai. Two days before the school festival Kotonoha asks Makoto to see the festival together and Makoto accepts. At the school festival Taisuke comes in to relieve Makoto and tells him to go to his girlfriend. Makoto goes over to Kotonoha only to find her stuck at the reception because Otome and her friend aren't covering their shifts.

Makoto asking Otome to ask Obuchi and Koizumi to fill in for Kotonoha but Otome understands it to him asking them to have sex wit him

Otome, Minami Obuchi and Natsumi Koizumi are together when they see Makoto and they both pressure Otome into asking Makoto to see the festival. However Makoto asks to talk to Otome first and due to very poor choice of words Otome is led to believe Makoto has already slept with Koizumi and now wants it's Obuchi's turn even though she's bad. Makoto finally uses says they skipped their shift and explains Kotonoha's been sitting at the reception all this time the misunderstanding is cleared up. Kotonoha and Makoto leave to see the festival and Makoto explains his relationship with Otome.

Makoto suggests going to his class' store to eat when Nanami and Setsuna conspire to break them up for Sekai. They then lie to Makoto saying they're short on people. After some begging Makoto decides to help. Makoto only starts helping a little while when Setsuna tells him they're okay. Makoto goes back to find Kotonoha gone, Nanami having chased her away. By Nanami's suggestion Makoto assumes Kotonoha had something come up and that's why she left. Sekai comes and Makoto decides to walk around with her and they go to the roof. The festival ends and Sekai's happy she got to walk around with Makoto which made her feel like a couple with Makoto. She wants to dance with him but says it would be going too far. Makoto then says he wants to be with her but Sekai says they can't because the bonfire is for couples. Makoto then goes to Kotonoha since he promised to dance with her. Sekai starts to cry a little and says it's hard. Makoto the successfully dances with Kotonoha.

Episode 4 - Unacknowledged Feelings

Main article: Partner for the Festival

This episode is achieved when Makoto declines to help with the cafe.

Setsuna realizes Makoto won't help and stops asking him. Makoto and Kotonoha then leave thinking if they need Makoto's help they're too busy to serve them. They then see the rest of the festival together alternating between what each of them want to see. Kotonoha then invites him to the bonfire event.

Kotonoha Bonfire Dance.jpg

Sekai looks on them as they dance.

Episode 4 - The Same Feelings

Main article: Partner for the Festival

Note Makoto needs agree to dance with Kotonoha but not see the festival to get this episode.

After Makoto's shift he declines to help Taisuke since his shift is over but Setsuna tells him to go find Sekai claiming she needs help carrying groceries. Makoto goes but finds she needs no help and Setsuna just sent him for them to spend time together. Makoto tells her to come with him but Sekai declines because of the way he asked. Makoto then goes away and meets Otome, who he asks to see the festival with and they spend the whole festival together ending at the roof. Otome tries to invite Makoto to the break room but when asked if she doesn't need to help with her class' haunted hause she tells Makoto (not knowing he has a relationship with Kotonoha) she and her friends simply dumped all the work onto her. Makoto realizes what he's done and runs to Kotonoha and finds her at the courtyard before the bonfire and dances.

Episode 5 - The Charm's Effect

Main article: The Charm's Effect

Kotonoha's father decides he wants to spend some time with his family but her mother decides to give the tickets to Kotonoha so she can make more friends. At the pool Kotonoha and Taisuke go off to have fun while Makoto decides to look after Sekai since she's depressed now that Setsuna's gone. Taisuke comes and tells Makoto to go to Kotonoha since he can't keep up with her. Makoto goes to Kotonoha and Makoto tries to make some sexual advances towards her only to be given a slap. Makoto goes back and talks to Sekai about it. Sekai notes that Makoto looks just as depressed as she is and offers to cheer him up but he declines. Later they see Kotonoha getting hit on by some guys and Makoto goes to her. After Makoto gets there he harshly explains that those guys were simply trying to pick her up and were lying to her but Kotonoha naively believes them and asks Makoto to hang out with them. Makoto angrily declines and gets into an argument with her. Kotonoha tries to apologize by kissing him but it doesn't do much and they decide to go back. On the train ride home Makoto confesses that he's too tired from trying to get along with her and he might be in love with Sekai.

Kotonoha tries to apologize by kissing Makoto.

Later during the evening Kotonoha calls Sekai and asks her to tell Makoto she hates him. Sekai points out it would be weird if out of the blue she tells him she hates him and asks what's going on. Kotonoha reveals Makoto told her he might be in love with Sekai but Sekai implies she feels the same way. Kotonoha gets worried and tries to strengthen their relationship by trying to lie to Makoto that Sekai has a new boyfriend and repeatedly sends him emails. Makoto blocks her number and breaks up with her, then later goes home together with Otome. They go to Pure Burger and talk and Makoto tells her he and Kotonoha broke up. Otome then tries to tell him she likes him but is inadvertently stopped. Meanwhile, Nanami asks Hikari what's going on with her and if she did the charm trick. She answers that she's been doing this since junior high and it probably doesn't work. Sekai however tells her it might just work, since Makoto's broken up with Kotonoha and might be in love with her. Nanami offers to keep Kotonoha out of her way but Sekai declines and says she'll work something out on her own.

Final Episode - Bloody End

Kotonoha in denial asks Sekai to stop seducing him claming that Makoto still loves her. Sekai then reveals she's been in love with Makoto far longer and Makoto loves her. She apolgizes to Kotonoha and begs her to give up on Makoto. Kotonoha still in denial slaps Sekai. Kotonoha then goes over to Makoto's home but is sent home by him. The next day she tries to get close to him on the bus but Nanami and Hikari block her way to make sure he has no contact with Kotonoha.

Route D - All Hers alternative


Episode 1 - Confession

Main article: Confession

Episode 2 - True Feelings

Main article: True Feelings

Episode 3 - Relationships Revealed

Main article: Relationships Revealed

The above route should completed by not pushing Sekai's bar too much as the bar needs to stay near the middle for this ending

Episode 4 - No More Hesitation

This episode is achieved Makoto stays devoted to Sekai completely, to the point of ignoring Kotonoha completely during the school festival. Makoto and Sekai have just finished having sex with numerous condom wrappers, tissues and other items to indicate they've had sex an incredible number of times. They talk about recent events and how they had to tell Kotonoha about them because Makoto's in love with Sekai. At school the festival has started and the trio have finished building the break room. They then bully Kotonoha then asks her to prove she's going out with Makoto. Kotonoha then meets Makoto and asks him to come with her. Makoto's about to say no but she then says if he's busy he can come later. Makoto then says he's going to see the festival with Sekai. Kotonoha then begs for him to come and that she'll be waiting no matter what. She then bumps into Taisuke while carrying some chairs and he helps her carry them. Taisuke asks Kotonoha to see the festival but is declined by Kotonoha. At class 3 many people are absent and Nanami also ditches them to go out with her boyfriend. Setsuna then tells Sekai and Makoto to go take a break and then discreetly mentions to Sekai that they can take their time.

Kotonoha being bullied

Makoto and Sekai go and Sekai asks him to go somewhere when they run into Otome and she asks Makoto if he's free. Makoto says no and they go up to the roof. Sekai says Otome's in love with him to it he denies (wrongly). They then skip their shift and have sex multiple times until the festival almost ends. Sekai then goes back and asks Makoto to take it easy and invites him to the bonfire. Makoto waits a bit before going back to avoid helping to clean up. Sekai then overhear a few girls (probably Roka Kitsuregawa, Ruka Imagawa, Natsuki Hosokawa and Mugi Hatakeyama offscreen) talking about Kotonoha. Kotonoha told everyone she's going out with Makoto and is now being bullied because everyone thinks she was lying. Makoto comes to Sekai in the class and Sekai expresses regret at what she's done to Kotonoha and they can't do this anymore. Makoto firmly says that she's the one he loves and asks her to consider his feelings too.

Episode 4 - I'm Sorry

This episode is the same as the above episode until Makoto and Sekai decides to not have sex on the rooftop, rather decides to help with their class with the cafe.

Makoto and Sekai go back to the class and Sekai stays to help while Makoto goes out. He witnesses Kotonoha being bullied by Otome and her friends and realizes it's his fault. He comes out to everyone's surprise and states he's come to see Kotonoha, then says he's sorry and leaves, effectively dumping her. The girls who were bullying Kotonoha back off and Otome, despite bullying her on a regular basis encourages her to cheer up and leaves. Kotonoha is frozen from what happened at the reception desk when Taisuke runs into her. Kotonoha starts crying with Taisuke there to presumably comfort her.

Episode 4 - Kotonoha Broken

This episode is the same as the above episode until the point Makoto sees Kotonoha being bullied, except he decides to go away rather than come out.

Taisuke raping Kotonoha

Makoto goes away unable to continue watch Kotonoha being bullied, when Taisuke comes to Kotonoha's "rescue". He says the shouldn't be bullying Kotonoha but the girls quickly turn the argument around by figuting out Taisuke's obvious crush on Kotonoha. Otome decides to set up him and Kotonoha and asks him to follow her lead. She then claims they were confused about who Kotonoha's boyfriend was and Taisuke was Kotonoha's boyfriend all along. Kotonoha thinks Otome's misunderstood and tries to correct her when Otome tells Taisuke to take her to the break room to talk. Taisuke says they don't need to go there to talk but Otome tells him just in case and basically tells him to rape her, her reasoning being since Kotonoha's a virgin she'll resist even if she wants to and will fall for him if he forces her. Taisuke calls it crazy but Otome then calls him scared which apparently removes all doubt in Taisuke's mind. Otome then lies to Kotonoha to go into the break room with Taisuke only to clear up any misunderstanding that happened earlier. They go into the break room and Taisuke being a fool proceeds to rape her and then asks her out. Kotonoha runs away to the bonfire only to see Makoto and Sekai dancing.

Episode 5 - Back to the Beginning

Taisuke has asked Makoto to meet his 'girlfriend' and Makoto invites him over to the roof for lunch. To his and Sekai's surprise it's Kotonoha and they've started going after the festival. Later after class Sekai goes to hang out with her friend and Makoto goes to the train station and winds up taking a train w

Hikari finds out Taisuke has a girlfriend

ith Kotonoha. Kotonoha explains that Taisuke grabbed her and told her go out with him and because she felt she had no choice she accepted. Sekai, Hikari, Setsuna and Nanami are at pure burger and Nanami complains about her boyfriend preferring porn games to her and then Sekai reveals Taisuke got a girlfriend. Hikari sees it and gets jealous. The next day at lunch Makoto decides to find Taisuke as soon as the bell rings and finds Taisuke more or less raping Kotonoha. Makoto continues to watch them and Hikari comes and they both continue watching. Makoto gets aroused and starts fondling with Hikari. Before they go too far Kotonoha and Taisuke are done and they have to stop. Makoto compliments Hikari and that she's a great girl. When he gets back Sekai gives him a lunch she made with Setsuna's mom. Makoto likes it and she invites him over for the weekend because her mother is going to Paris on a business trip. She then goes to Pure Burger with Nanami and Setsuna but Hikari declines. Setsuna then calls Nanami's boyfriend and makes plans for everyone to go to his house and play his pornographic games.

Makoto runs into Kotonoha at the train station and Kotonoha says she loves and asks Makoto to break up with Sekai and go out with her. Before Makoto answers she guesses no and says she only asked for the sake of it. Makoto then proclaims his love for her, then Kotonoha gains a bit of hope and promises to 'defeat' Sekai in order to win Makoto back. Makoto immediately regrets saying that. Hikari, who's been evesdropping assumes Kotonoha is promiscious due to her limited information of matters.

Final Episode - Bloody End

Kotonoha calls Taisuke to break up with him, claiming she can't give up on the one she loves. She then decies she won't hesitate anymore.

Tomorrow on the train ride Kotonoha explains to Makoto that she's decided to be more honest to herself and then comes on to Makoto, this is witnessed by Nanami. Before school Nanami reports her findings to Sekai. Sekai then starts questioning Makoto about his recent actions. Before anything is confirmed Taisuke comes crying and then tells Makoto he's been dumped. Taisuke accuses Makoto of being the reason Kotonoha dumped him. Makoto then thinks he must be in love with Kotonoha. During lunchtime Kotonoha invites Makoto and Sekai for lunch. Before going to the roof Sekai says she forgot to get tea and asks Kotonoha to come with her to send Makoto up alone and talks to her alone. She asks Kotonoha to stop coming onto Makoto. Kotonoha replies since she stole Makoto from her initially by using her sex appeal when Kotonoha was too shy she is going to win Makoto back. She then asks if Sekai's going to get her tea and that she'd appreciate a "head start" implying she'll have sex with Makoto. Sekai is forced to go back with her. After class Sekai invites Makoto to Pure Burger. Meanwhile Nanami takes advantage of Taisuke's sad state to set up him and Hikari.

At Pure Burger Sekai asks Makoto to stop having lunch with Kotonoha. Makoto agrees but then Sekai asks him to block Kotonoha from his phone, which he agrees to reluctantly. During the evening Kotonoha calls Makoto, and thinks she expected this from Sekai. Kotonoha then goes over to Makoto's home but is sent home by him. The next day she tries to get close to him on the bus but Nanami and Hikari block her way to make sure he has no contact with Kotonoha.

Route E - After the Kiss alternative 2nd Route


Route F - With Honesty and Christmas Eve alternative

Epiosde 1 - Confession

Main Article: Confession

Episode 2 - The Distance Between Us

Main Article: The Distance Between Us

Episode 3 - Conflicting Desires

Main Article: Conflicting Desires

Episode 4 - With Great Reluctance

Main Article: With Great Reluctance

Episode 5 - The Price Of Betrayal

Main Article: The Price Of Betrayal

Final Episode - Bloody End

Kotonoha's then constantly bullied at school with profanity drawn on her text books, notebooks and table. She's then constantly verbally abused by her classmates. In desperation she goes over to Makoto's home and is let inside to wait for Makoto by his mother. Makoto comes home with Sekai and not knowing she's there proceed to have sex. Hearing it transforms Kotonoha's eyes and makes her emotionless. She obtains a key to Makoto's home and proceeds to hear Makoto and Sekai having sex many times until she gets on the balcony and sees a saw. She starts to laugh maniacally and disappears.


After a while Hikari, Nanami, Sekai, and Makoto are all out together when Sekai and Makoto go off by themselves on top of a station overpass. They meet Kotonoha and Sekai tries to greet her, but Kotonoha swipes her hacksaw at Sekai's neck through her coat causing her to bleed violently. Kotonoha then starts to laugh maniacally again with a shocked Makoto next. It's implied Sekai died.

  • It can be inferred from Kotonoha's roof meeting with Sekai that Kotonoha kills herself thereafter, possibly using the same saw. There is another hint that the final pattern of the blood on the overpass suggests two pools of blood instead of one.

Cold Scarf (冷たいマフラー, LxH Extension)

The below scenario is not possible in neither the original nor the HQ release of the game.

In the LxH version, after Kotonoha's killed Sekai, Makoto's frozen from shock while Nanami and Hikari, having seen what happened, are in panic. Kotonoha, still insane, tries to hand the hacksaw to Makoto. Being shocked by what she did, he slaps her hand (which still has the knife) and the knife ends up under the bridge and Kotonoha's hand starts bleeding. She decides to get her scarf and tries to suffocate Makoto, but then she starts crying and stops, presumably still in love with him.


  • From the pilot film, it seems that 0verflow originally intended for this ending to occur in school rather than at the overpass, but this was changed before the final release.
  • In the LxH Version there are no visible Blood Spray or Puddle of Blood after Kotonha cuts Sekai's neck.