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D7101 D7101 7 December 2019


Hello and welcome to my first blog post.

I decided to make blog post about AMVs of School Days, where we can talk about AMVs we like, don't like etc. The main reason for me to create this blog post was I made my first own AMV recently using The ending of the anime and the song "Erfroren und Verbrannt" by the german band Heldmaschine.

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Johnnytopsidee Johnnytopsidee 21 April 2018

Manami Katsura routes & scenes

Which routes show Manamai katsura having any for of sex with makoto itou? 

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General Wild Dog General Wild Dog 29 March 2017

How It Should Have Ended - School Days

Makoto: “Since I’m scripted to be a womanizer, I'll decide my harem's composition all by myself. Itaru, put them down if you’d be so kind.”

“Yes sir…I mean onii-chan.” Itaru mans an old-fashioned typewriter.

Makoto: “Starting with Kotonoha Katsura and Kokoro Katsura.”

“Affirmative.” Sound of tapping buttons. Itaru is operating the typewriter with high efficiency.

Akane Hanasaki and Nanaka Shirakawa from Visual Novel ‘~ Da Capo II ~ Plus Communication’.”

Itaru: “Not Otome Asakura?”

Makoto: “Inadequate bust size.”

“Agreed.” Sound of tapping buttons.

Yuki Kusakabe and Sasara Kusugawa from Visual Novel ‘To Heart 2 XRated’.”

Itaru: “Not Tamaki Kousaka? She’s the bustiest one of that group.”

Makoto: “Indeed, however her comprehensive score is behind the other two,…

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ArenLuxon ArenLuxon 9 August 2016

Kotonoha Project


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ArenLuxon ArenLuxon 25 May 2016

Why I absolutely love School Days

Why I absolutely love School Days

Haters gonna hate

When you scroll through the reviews, basically everyone seems to hate School Days. There are a surprisingly large amount of active haters who are capable of filling up entire pages with how much they hate the series.

Whether it’s about how the story went downhill:

It started off fine, the whole love triangle story wasn't very unique or anything, but it entertained... It was fun at first to see this clueless pervert fail at getting a girl. The problem was when it became more of a love hexagon - And things went downhill from there. The story became difficult to watch due to the idiotic and retarded main character.

Or the characters:

The characters in this anime are seriously some of the dumbest p…

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Omega-003 Omega-003 11 January 2016

Measurement of Unstated Characters

Just for fun! (This is not canon.)

Inori Ashikaga : 92-59-87 160 cm

Natsuhi Ebata : 94-61-96 164 cm

Shun Hazama : 103-81-105 186 cm

Hanon Nijou : 86-60-85 153 cm

Niki Ookuma : 89-63-91 cm 160 cm

Moeko Itou : 89-64-94 cm 165 cm

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General Wild Dog General Wild Dog 2 May 2014

What's your favorite H-Scene in School Days, Summer Days and Cross Days?

Don't be embarrased, and don't be tsundere. This is a franchise of adult game (or adult galgame/visual novel). So definitely it has a varity of H-Scenes. However, all of them are quite crude, because of the so-called "animated rendering". But still, in China we have an old saying "select a general among crowd of dwarfs", even they're crude, but not completely trash on perspective of quality.

So, what's the favorite h-scene of your choice in School Days, Summer Days and Cross Days (excluding School Days HQ and Shiny Days)? I have picked one, simply based on prespectives of details of rendering and effect of sexual stimulation. I'll eloborate soon, below. Meanwhile, I hope someone can declare their opinions.

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Tyciol Tyciol 22 January 2012

Finally got around to watching this one

Or I've been trying to begin. Why do I keep want to edit the wiki... anywho I plan to make an article for Kokoro's friend + dad + Ito's friend guy who I forget his name at the moment. I don't know who else is missing, but I hope I can help make articles for minor forgettably ignored characters too, my heart goes out to them. +y@talk 04:44, January 22, 2012 (UTC)

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