Ayumu Inou
Inou Ayumu
Age 3 (Snow Radish Vacation!!)

23 (Large PonPon)

Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Amber
Affiliation Inou Family
Occupation Businessman
Family and Relatives Tomaru Sawagoe (father/maternal half-uncle)

Moegi Inou (mother/paternal half-aunt)
Rurika Washino (wife)
Misaki Washino (lover)
Kaori Itazaki (lover)
Tamie Kirishima (lover)
Satsuki Shigehara (lover)
Kagura Inou (older sister/double half-cousin/ex-lover)
Youko Saionji (younger sister/double half-cousin)
Moeka Sekihata (younger sister/double half-cousin)
Touri Sawagoe (paternal half-sister/lover)
Yukari Nagawa (paternal half-sister/maternal first-cousin/lover)
Midori Nagawa (maternal first-cousin/daughter)
Sakura Nagawa (maternal first-cousin/daughter)
Tomomasa Sawagoe (paternal half-brother/paternal half-cousin))
Miki Sawanaga (daughter)
Taisuke Sawanaga (son)
Rurika's child (child)
Misaki's daughter (daughter)
Yukari's daughter (daughter)
Touri's daughter(daughter)
Touri's child (child)
Kaori's daughter (daughter)

Ayumu Inou (伊能 歩) is the protagonist of Large PonPon

His backstory is largely expanded in Snow Radish Vacation!! and Summer Radish Vacation!!.


Ayumu Inou is the first son and second child of Tomaru and Moegi Inou. Moegi raised both he and his older sister Kagura alone and kept secret about who was their father to everyone, thus Kagura and Ayumu grew without knowing that Tomaru is their father.

Snow Radish VacationEdit

As Moegi and Kagura would be busy during the period Asagi and her friends would stay over he was left in the care of his grandmother.


A year after Large PonPon Ayumu and Rukia are reconciled and got married, she gave birth to their child and they are leading a happy life of newlyweds. However during the time Rurika was hospitalized he had relationships with Misaki, Yukari, Touri, Kaori, Tamie and Satsuki without Rurika knowing and they became pregnant of him and he continued to hide it from Rurika every day.

One day Rurika called him to go together visit Tamie that had been hospitalized in the last month of pregnancy, fearing that she discovered his relationship with Tamie and he is the father of her child he reluctantly went to the hospital to visit her.



  • Ayumu is the oldest known son of Tomaru.
  • Ayumu is the most muscular of all the protagonists.
  • Ayumu is the son of Tomaru which has more offspring.
  • His name means "to keep walking on".