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Asagi Inou
Gender Female
Hair Blue-purple
Eyes Green
Affiliation Inou Family
Nagawa Family
Occupation University student (Snow Radish Vacation!!)

Manager of the third Radish

Family and Relatives Jou Inou (father)

Mrs. Inou (mother)
Juuzou Nagawa (ex-husband)
Moegi Inou (older sister)
Tomaru Sawagoe (paternal half-brother/former lover)
Kagura Inou (niece)
Ayumu Inou (nephew/former lover)
Youko Saionji (niece)
Moeka Sekihata (niece)
Yukari Nagawa (daughter/half-niece [via Tomaru])
Midori Nagawa (daughter/half-grandniece [via Ayumu])
Sakura Nagawa (daughter/half-grandniece [via Ayumu])
Shun Hazama (half-nephew)
Toki Hazama (half-niece)
Kuu Hazama (half-nephew)
Wakaba Nijou (half-niece)
Rideru Takatsukasa (half-niece)
Tomomasa Sawagoe (half-nephew)
Touri Sawagoe (half-niece)
Kei Ogata (half-nephew)
Makoto Itou (half-nephew)
Itaru Itou (half-niece)
Miki Sawanaga (grandniece [via Ayumu])
Taisuke Sawanaga (grandnephew [via Ayumu])
Sekai Saionji (grandniece [via Youko])
Rin Sekihata (grandniece [via Moeka])
Hajime Inou (half-grandniece/half-great-grandniece [via Kagura])
Mai Kiyoura (half-grandniece/half-great-grandniece [via Kagura])
Rin (half-grandniece/half-great-grandniece [via Kagura])
Rina Inou (half-grandniece/half-great-grandniece [via Kagura])
Wataru (half-great-grandnephew [via Kagura])
Setsuna Kiyoura (half-great-grandniece [via Shun]/half-great^2-grandniece)
Hanon Nijou (double half-grandniece [via Shun and Wakaba])
Kazuha Nijou (double half-grandniece [via Shun and Wakaba])
Futaba Nijou (double half-grandniece [via Shun and Wakaba])
Inori Ashikaga (half-grandniece [via Shun])
Roka Kitsuregawa (half-grandniece [via Shun])

Seiyuu Haruka Nagami (credited as Mayu Ayase)

Asagi Inou (伊能 浅葱 Inō Asagi) is one of the heroines of Snow Radish Vacation!!


Asagi is Moegi's younger sister and Kagura's aunt. At the time of Snow Radish, she was a university student at the same college as Tomoe Sawagoe and Tomaru. She was friends with Tomoe, who was in the same department with her, and with Tomaru who was their senior.

Before Snow Radish Vacation!!

Asagi Inou was the second daughter of Jou Inou and his wife. She presumably lived in Haramihama in her youth with her parents and older sister. She also presumably never met Tomaru during this time and was unaware of his relation to her, his relationship with Moegi, or that he was the father of Kagura and Ayumu.

Snow Radish Vacation

She has a boyfriend named Juuzou Nagawa, but they had a fight shortly before the story.

At the end of the game, Asagi, along with other women, throws a betrothal party for Kagura and Tomaru.

After Snow Radish Vacation

Although not exactly stated, Asagi presumably reconciled with Juuzou and married him. She also betrayed him by cuckolding him and gave birth to her daughter by Tomaru, Yukari. The others at Snow Radish presumably helped cover up Asagi's deception, since they all knew that Asagi was a fellow rival for Tomaru's fickle and fleeting attention, while officially in relationship with another man.

Large PonPon

Asagi brief appearance in Large PonPon.

Asagi only appears in a brief flashback of Yukari and Ayumu of when the Nagawa family moved away. She has slightly different hair and eye color than her Snow Radish Vacation appearance.


Although Asagi doesn't make an appearance, she's mentioned by her daughter, Midori. Midori mentions that her mother and father don't approve of Yukari's relationship with Ayumu. The reason is unknown but it could be because they're cousins, or because Ayumu was already married to Rurika Washino.

Summer Radish Vacation

During a conversation with Shun, Kagura explains that Asagi sexually abused Ayumu, resulting in her latter two daughters, Midori and Sakura.

Summer Radish Vacation 2

As in PureMail, Asagi doesn't make an appearance, but Tomaru does mention that she is 'a woman in [his] hand', possibly implying blackmail and/or extortion.


Asagi was a kind and energetic woman who turned into a cold, cruel woman who subjected her husband to paternity fraud thrice and, along with Mrs. Sawanaga, sexually abused her young nephew Ayumu to the point of driving him insane for years. She also used her daughter Midori as a tool for her affair with her daughter's manager. She was, in the past, also somewhat sensitive as she feels a bit angry when Kagura called her "Aunt" and prefers to be addressed as "Onee-chan" instead.


  • Her given name Asagi [浅葱] means "chives" and is also a shortening of asagiiro [浅葱色], "pale blue-green".
  • Her surname may reference Tadataka Inou, a cartographer known for completing the first map of Japan, OR Kanori Inou, an anthropologist known for his studies in Taiwanese Aborigines.