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Ai Yamagata
Born June 14, 1988
Blood-Type AB
Gender Female
Height 156 cm
B.W.H 76-54-81
Hair Purple
Eyes Purple
Occupation High School Student
Family and Relatives Yuuki Ashikaga (potential lover)
Seiyuu Maki Kobayashi (as Mio Ogawa)

Ai Yamagata (山県 愛 Yamagata Ai) is a character in Summer Days, Cross Days and Shiny Days and is mentioned in School Days. She is arguably the second heroine of Cross Days.

Ai is from the same junior high as Makoto, but she transferred in during third year. Like Otome, Ai also has had feelings for Makoto since middle school. However, she's also far more open about it and acts more directly in a way to achieve her goal, willing to destroy both Kotonoha and Sekai's relationship with Makoto in the process and indirectly drag Yuuki Ashikaga into the problem as well.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Outwardly, Ai is impeccably polite and friendly. She's very self-conscious and apologizes incessantly when she wrongs someone else. She often has trouble speaking her mind, however, and this leaves her easily manipulated. Despite this exterior friendliness though, she is actually quite cruel, if not sociopathic, when she's trying to get what she wants. In both Cross Days and Shiny Days, she lies and cheats those around her to try end up in a relationship with whoever she's pursuing, be it Yuuki or Makoto. However, in Roka's true ending, she graciously accepts her loss and lets Yuuki be together with Roka, leaving town in order to raise the child she bears on her own.

School Days[edit | edit source]

She makes a random appearance in a static class scene. Before the first semester starts, she spots Setsuna being bullied and warns Sekai.

Summer/Shiny Days[edit | edit source]

In both versions, Ai is a minor supporting character who attends the Radish restaurant on occasion. Her first appearance in Shiny Days features her staring thoughtfully into the distance. She's friends with Otome and Karen, but the two often bully her around, forcing her to do much of the legwork in preparation for the Shrine festival. It is revealed that she and Makoto were supposed to confess to each other during middle school graduation, but failed due to Otome's intervention (which might possibly have been the catalyst for her developing her more manipulative tendencies; the belief that she would be cheated out of being with someone she cared about if she wasn't as ruthless as those out to stop her). Despite harboring feelings for Makoto, Ai is not a romanceable heroine. She has a sex scene in one ending, in which she seduces Makoto while Setsuna's in Paris, but Makoto ultimately dumps her in favor of the aforementioned Setsuna.

Cross Days[edit | edit source]

She's one of the main heroines and has quite a few endings dedicated to her. In the ending Only Love and Courage, she moves in with Yuuki after getting pregnant.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Her seiyuu Maki Kobayashi also voiced Natsuhi Ebata in both Summer Radish Vacation and Shiny Days.
  • Her surname and birthday may originate from Aritomo Yamagata, a field marshal who was twice elected Prime Minister and is considered by historians to be the father of Japanese militarism.
  • She can become a mother in Lies and Lies Pile Up, Only Love and Courage, A Fight is Coming, and Going Forward, Facing Each Other with Yuuki's children.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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