After Evening Festival (Episode)
Episode 9
Title After Evening Festival
Romanji Kōyasai
Kanji 後夜祭
Release Date August 28, 2007
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After Evening Festival (後夜祭, Kōyasai) is the ninth episode of the School Days anime.

Plot SummaryEdit

The episode begins with a recap of the end of the previous episode, showing Setsuna kissing Makoto as he lays asleep, and Kotonoha catching her in the act.  

The next scene includes Kotonoha asking Setsuna why she would kiss her "boyfriend", still believing that Makoto loves her. Setsuna then explains that she wanted a memory just for her, due to leaving school soon. Kotonoha, wanting a longer explanation, gets interrupted by Nanami, which results in her running away, and leaving Nanami wondering what happened.  

The next day, all the classes doing a café sign a "war treaty" and Setsuna leaves the group, everyone wondering where she went. They then decide to attempt to run the café by themselves. In the meantime, Setsuna is attending a play rehearsal, the play itself reminding her of the current situation surrounding Makoto, Kotonoha, and Sekai.  

The next scene shows Sekai and Makoto baking, bickering about the topic of closing the café for the day. They then proceed to flirt, leaving the others to watch in envy.  

Meanwhile, just the girls harassing Kotonoha about doing work for the 'rest area' because it's a 'tradition for new couples' And they all are too lazy to help, though she is clearly trying to get hold of someone (Makoto) on her phone. Just because she's the 'executive Committee member.'  

After that, Taisuke is seen carrying some boxes, envying all the couples. Saying ''Single people sure do feel lonely at a time like this.'' As he is passing the area of the resting room, he sees Kotonoha, his crush, and says hello. He proceeds to talk to her, asking her if she's busy. She kind of tells him to leave her alone, nice and settle because that's just Kotonoha's persona. After talking with her a bit more, a couple of approaches, trying to get into the room, and Kotonoha asks Taisuke to leave, so they can get in. He moves, then asks her to go to the school dance with him, resulting in an argument that Kotonoha is still with Makoto. After she gets the message through to him, he apologizes and takes his leave. 

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