Tomoe Sawagoe
Other names Mother-in-law
Gender Female
Hair Violet (Snow Radish Vacation)

Greyish-Blue (Large Pon Pon)

Eyes Amber
Affiliation Sawagoe Group
Occupation University Student (Snow Radish Vacation)

Heiress of Sawagoe Family

Family and Relatives Tomaru Sawagoe (husband/relative)

Tomomasa Sawagoe (son)

Seiyuu Reona Morimoto (Snow Radish Vacation)

Tomoe Sawagoe (沢越 巴) a secondary character in Large PonPon where she is know only as Mother-in-law (姑) and one of the heroines of Snow Radish Vacation.


In her younger years, Tomoe is a pretty and youthful woman with long purple hair tied in twintail and a pair of amber eyes. She wears a hairclip as an accessory and wear a hoodie like shirt and a short. She has somewhat slender but still curvy figure. Tomoe is also rather short, with only several inches taller than Kagura.

In her senior years, Tomoe has aged quite visibly and is rather skinny in appearance. She now has short greyish purple hair. Unlike Arisu who has aged drastically, the older Tomoe still has some traces of beauty from her younger self.


Tomoe Sawagoe is a student at same college Asagi and Tomaru attend.She the daughter of the chairman of the Sawagoe Group.

Snow Radish Vacation!!Edit

In the ending, Tomoe along with the other females throw a Betrothel Part for Kagura and Tomaru.

After Snow Radish Vacation!!Edit

At some point she marries Tomaru and give to birth a son named Tomomasa Sawagoe.

Large PonPonEdit

She is Tomomasa's mother and Touri's mother-in-law.


In her early years, Tomoe was a lovely, cheerful and kind heiress, however, these great personalities seem to have vanished in her adult years presumbly due to the stress of have to deal with her husband's various adulteries. Her personlities in older years can be decribed as obnoxious and criticrizing.


  • Her name Tomoe means "a Japanese abstract shape described as a swirl that resembles a comma or the usual form of a magatama". While her surname Sawagoe means "swamp of surpassing".
  • Despite being shown to be related to Tomaru in the family chart, her exact relation with him was not made clear if she is his half-sister or aunt.
  • Tomoe shares her voice actress with Eri Aoba from Pure Mail.
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